Fighting Power – Year One – Chapter 2

"Enter Devilinya!"

Azure and her Azura Clan return to her ship deeply concealed in Death Valley on the outskirts of Mecha City, to find a woman with red hair wearing a red outfit and knee-high high heel boots, sitting in her throne, smiling.

"Who the hell do you think you are to sit there in my throne!?" exclaims Azure.

The woman grins as her eyes glow and pins Azure to the wall with a powerful blast of energy. "Little girls should know better not to talk to grown-ups that way. I am the goddess Devilinya. I hear you are having trouble dealing with my goody-two-shoes sister, Lauryn. Our master sent me to aid you in getting my Ultra Gems back."

Azure struggles to free herself as she asks, "Your Ultra Gems!? I thought they were the master's!?"

"You are quite mistaken. I am the ones who gifted all of you with powers. The master only chose all of you for the gifts since you weren't directly affected by the Gems like the others were. The Gems are to be used for my ultimate weapon, the Ultra Gauntlet. They allow me to reach my full power that I can't achieve in this disgusting human-like form. Then humanity will be at my mercy along with anyone else who does not plan to serve the master," grins Devilinya as she frees Azure from the hold.

Azure looks at her angrily, "So the master has lost faith in my abilities already!? I don't need help against my brothers and their band of misfit mutants. They were just a bit stronger than I expected. Since you're so powerful, how about you go take on those mutants and get your precious gems yourself? You'll see how hard it is to fight them first hand!"

"Interesting, I accept your challenge. This will prove to you to fear my powers and your little brothers and their friends are nothing but weaklings. I will fight all of them single-handed," laughs Devilinya as she flies out of the room and through the glass ceiling.

Azure grins as she sits in her throne as Hardstrike approaches her and asks, "Sister, are you sure you did the right thing? What if she does what we could not?"

Azure looks at him, still laughing, "I knew she would take the bait. I'll let her do the dirty work and get the Ultra Gems ourselves. If we're lucky, the FP team and Devilinya will destroy each other!"

The next morning, back at Lauryn's mansion, the entire FP team is in the infirmary with their mentor, the goddess Lauryn. Cyberfist checks the readouts from the computers and monitors. He then turns to everyone with a smile and says, "Lauryn took a mean blast but she's gonna be alright."

Lauryn opens her eyes and takes Voltage's hand. She says, "Good work, Tommy. It was just as how I envisioned it. You make a perfect leader for the team with or without my presence. I'm proud of each and every one of you. I'm sorry about Amanda and Jillian. You all will have to consider them your enemies from now on, as hard as that may be for you, especially you, Tommy."

Heartbreak thinks to herself, "I'm glad Amanda is an enemy. That way she is exactly what she is to me from the beginning to everyone else. Maybe I'll have a chance to get what I want (glances at Voltage)."

Lauryn glances at Heartbreak as she happens to read a portion of her thoughts but not entirely as she isn't at her full strength. No one notices her glance but Lauryn puts on a fake smile as she hopes that Heartbreak does not jump sides just how Jesta and Deminaca did the night before.

Heartbreak discards her mask and exits the room. She has her head down in shame as she fears that Lauryn possibly read her malevolent thoughts. She knees before a bed of flowers in Lauryn's garden as she says to herself softly, "I'm nothing like that witch, Amanda. I won't become evil to get the things I want. Truthfully, I really am sick of all this training and all for what? For just one sign that he may…"

She is then cut off by a hand resting gently on her shoulder. Heartbreak looks up to see Voltage standing behind her. "Oh, Tommy…I just needed some time to myself to think about some things," she says.

"Mariah, there's no need to hide anything from me. We've known each other too long for that. C'mon, your best friend is standing right here for you to tell him what's bothering you," smiles Voltage.

Heartbreak thinks to herself, "If only I had the courage to tell you what's truly wrong. If only I could tell you that I've loved you for all this time but I would just die if you didn't feel the same way towards me and that destroyed our friendship." Heartbreak fakes a smile and says, "I was just worried about Lauryn and I'm glad she's recovering just fine."

Voltage sees through the fake smile and knees to her, "Mariah you don't have to lie to me. C'mon, tell me what's wrong?"

Heartbreak looks Voltage in the eyes and slaps his hand from her shoulder. She stands and runs out in the wilderness, shouting, "I don't have to tell you anything until I'm ready! I just don't feel like opening my soul to anyone. Tommy, don't baby me either. I'm just as tough as anyone else on this team so leave me alone! I don't need to be pampered. I'm not that weak girl you met in high school anymore!"

"Mariah, wait! Come back!" shouts Voltage.

Lauryn appears next to him and says, "Leave her be. She needs time for soul searching. She is right though. You treat her like she needs help with everything. You and her grew up a lot since you first met, especially during your training here. She's strong now and is very capable of taking care of herself. I want to name her your second-in-command of the team if she ever wants to stand up for leadership. Give her time, Tommy. She'll tell you what's on her mind soon. She just has to find her own way of saying it and right time."

Voltage nods to Lauryn and adds, "Aren't you supposed to be recovering? Anyways, I agree with you. I admit to being a bit protective of her since we have some history together. It's just that she was an outcast in high school and I don't want her to feel distanced from any of us on the team. I want her to feel that all of us are her friends, even though she never liked Amanda. She hid that well from me, but I could tell from the look in her eyes. She just didn't want to tell me. Lauryn, I would be glad to have her at my side as my second-in-command."

Lauryn smiles and adds, "I'm feeling fine. Don't worry about me. It'll take a lot more than that to kill a goddess."

Devilinya appears in front of them and smiles, "Yes, mortal and I can come up with a few ways to kill a few mortals if I can't kill my annoying sister here. Have you been well dear sister? The master asks of you often."

"Devilinya, I knew you would come for your gems eventually since their aura have gifted these mortals with some of their power. You still want them for your Ultra Gauntlet don't you?" asks Lauryn as her smile fades. Lauryn secretly telepathically signals the rest of the team to come.

"Of course, dear sister. That is the only way I shall be free of the master. I won't go goody-two-shoes like you and be hunted like an animal. No, I'll use my Ultra Gauntlet to destroy him and all of his followers. Then the entire human race will worship me as their queen just like in ancient times," smirks Devilinya.

Meanwhile, in the woods outside of the mansion, Heartbreak sits on a rock by the nearby river, gathering her thoughts as she just received the telepathic message to assembly at the mansion. "I should go and help. The others may need me. I'm part of the team too. I'm just as strong as everyone else and trained just as hard," she says out loud.

"No, you should stay and talk to an old friend, Jesica," says a tall male with long brunette hair wearing a trench coat, standing behind her.

"W-who are you?" asks Heartbreak.

"It's me, your ex-boyfriend, Daniel Ericson. I'm here to ask you to give me another chance, Jesica. I've changed. Look at me. I'm not a one-armed handicap anymore. I came here to take you away from all of this fighting and back to a normal life," he says as he caresses her cheek wiping her flowing hair from her face with his cybernetic arm.

"Daniel, I can't believe it's you. I'm so glad to see you again. (Looks at his arm) Where did you get that arm from? Did you finally afford a cybernetic arm?" asks Heartbreak.

Daniel shakes his head as he removes his trench coat to reveal his full cybernetic body to her, "No, I haven't had to pay a cent worth of money for this gift. The only thing I gave up was my humanity for immortality. C'mon, Jesica. I know about your powers that you tried to hide from me. I'm not afraid of you hurting me. That won't happen now that I am immortal. Join me, Jesica, and you can be my queen."

Heartbreak backs away from him in fear, shaking her head, "No! I don't want to be made into a monster like you. I'm happy being human."

Daniel slaps her hard across her face. The impact sends her on her knees as Daniel pulls out a helmet and secures it on his head. "I wish I wouldn't have to force this on you, Jesica. You're coming with me whether you want to or not. You will be part of the revolution that will make all of humanity, but especially mutants, far superior to anything else imaginable. Jesica, think about it. There will be no more pain, suffering, death, or illnesses. All of humanity will be immortal. Now all of humanity shall be God!"

Heartbreak looks up at him holding her face, "People need to die that's the circle of life, Daniel. Nothing in this world needs to be immortal or perfect. We are all flawed creatures that have an expiration date given to us at birth. I'm not perfect and neither are you or anyone else. So just let me live my life the way I want to live it!"

"Then live in pain, my former love. I am not the man you knew as Daniel any longer. I am Gemino, the first of many like me. Just wait and see," he smiles as he raises his arm.

His arm is pointed toward her and his fingertips become barrels like those on a pistol. Heartbreak's eyes widen as she is struck down by rapid fire energy bullets and is followed by her screams of pain. She struggles and retaliates with her own kinetic energy in the form of an energy blast, which only staggers him backward. Her concentration and focus learned from her many months of training has went out the window as she is struck with anxiety and fear all at the same time. Her right arm is dripping with her own blood along with her multiple wounds across her body as she runs through the woods back to Lauryn's mansion. Fear can be read all over her face as she is afraid of her life, of not seeing her friends again, not telling Tommy how she felt if this is the end for her, among other things. Gemino quickly recovers and takes off in flight after her.

Back at Lauryn's mansion courtyard, Devilinya has yawned at the FP team's futile attempts to harm her. Intensity, Sunburn, Cyberfist, and Voltage try to attack her all at once. Intensity rushes in with a few power packed punches, but they are blocked by Devilinya with one hand. Voltage, Cyberfist, and Sunburn follow up with their electrical, inferno, and blaster attacks but Devilinya just fans those away with her hand as well.

"This is such as bore. Can't you all entertain me better? C'mon fight harder. I want to at least break a sweat before I destroy all of you," grins Devilinya.

Peace gets worked up and tackles Devilinya to the ground. Devilinya begins to grin more, "I see why my sister wanted you to protect her from me. You have goddess blood within you, mortal. C'mon show me what you can do child."

Peace absorbs all the light around her and redirects it as a powerful light blast that sends Devilinya sliding back into the woods. Devilinya flies out the woods and tosses several trees but Intensity and Cyberfist are playing in the outfield in this baseball game and shoot and punch them out of the air.

As Voltage and Sunburn ready themselves to lead another assault on Devilinya, Voltage sees Heartbreak limping out of the woods, beaten up and bloody. He rushes to her as she collapses in his arms as Gemino blasts his way to the mansion.

"Targets acquired. Accepting mission of eliminating all non-techno-organic life forms," laughs Gemino as he looks at the FP team.

To be continued...

Next Chapter: With Heartbreak injured and Peace being the only member of the team who is a challenge to Devilinya, plus the threat of the technology obsessed Gemino, can the FP team find a way out of this situation? Find out in Chapter 3: "Devilinya's Bag of Tricks"