Again you come into your mind

To hide your troubles that lay outside

Stay here forever

For nothing can hurt you now

The pain that you had lays out there

But your here so don¡¯t be afraid

Deep in your own world you¡¯ll remain

With mama, papa, and everyone else

So stay here with me

In this world of bliss.

Again you come into this sweet serenity

To others it seemed like a crazed insanity

For you alone can enter this dream

This dream of never-ending bliss

So go play with your loved ones

Their still alive

As long as you do not want to go

Back to the cold outside

So stay here with us

We¡¯ll protect you now

For you alone

Can enter this dream.

When to go is your choice

When to leave for the dark outside

Filled with fear, troubles, and pain

Nothing escapes reality

But you can make this your reality

As long as you choose to stay

Who needs that world?

When you have your own

As long as your wish it

It will appear

No-more death

No more pain

Only your memories will remain

So come and play

Or will you go back?

For that is your choice

A world of dreams?

Or reality?