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I hereby to inform you, that I don't own YUYU HAKUSHO.

Hello Guys!!!

I just want to share with you a story about Kurama and Botan. Well, I really like this couple a lot.

So, everyone, I'll give you the summary of my story.

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Botan a trusted deity of death who possessed a jovial nature contrary
to her title and rare gentleness to match her extraordinary beauty. But there nobody knows about her past, even she or the Prince, who had known
her most of her life.

The truth of her past threats her life and those of her loved ones. Claim of deception and intrigue darkened a blooming bond. Secrets of the
truth will haunt them, leaving them with nothing but anger. Will love
overcome them after all?

The search for own self cost much more than she expected, torn between
acceptance and denial left to her by her damn fate.

Will she conquer them all? Can she face the challenges and of her
past? She knows she must, for the sake of her freedom.

As she unfolds the mystery of her being, shattering truth and secrets
that will change her life forever.

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I really, really hope you'll like this story. Kindly give reviews if possible, your encouragement will help a lot.

I would like to give credits for Ash Wednesday who wrote "Botan's Past", to where my story is based upon. We have the same idea but my story is entirely different from hers/his. So please kindly read it and give reviews if possible! Thank you!

Jessiekatz / computer_angel