I can feel the monsters coming
(Do you hear the thundering footsteps?)
The ground is shaking
The world is trembling
I want to hide under the bed
Just like a frightened young child

Listen to the echoes
Sounds of the monsters' screams
I cover my ears
But they are still bleeding
Can't block out the noise

They're calling my name
They're looking for me
Running away as fast as I can
Colours turning into a massive blur
Whizzing past me

Ugly grotesque features of the monsters
Flooding into my line of vision
Still running away
Stop calling my name
Don't catch me
Don't put me into your disgusting mouths

I trip and fall down
Feeling myself picked up
The blood rushing to my head
Leg pulled off
Arm torn apart
Eating me slowly
Bit by bit

Eating me slowly
Bit by bit.