Galaxies in a Bubble

Steamy water fills the tub.

I gently glide in.

Philosophically I stare at the soap bubbles.

Small little white specs in the vastness of the tub.

Is that our universe?

Little soap bubbles in a massive tub?

Am I a god?

Why do I ask? There are no answers.

We know so little, and will never know much.

Big bang, soap hitting the water?

Galaxies in a bubble?

So many questions flood my mind.

In the warm water, a philosophical state.

My useless worries are gone.

Time to tackle the big ones.

In one of those bubbles is there a philosophical boy taking a bath,

Creating his own universe?

Am I a bubble?

I look at the soap dish.

Its so insignificant.


Is that me?

Insignificant and Expendable?

Depressing thoughts, but still intriguing.

I destroy some bubbles.

I feel powerful.

Did I just destroy a galaxy?

A galaxy in a bubble.

Billions lost.

I start to feel guilty.

Then I laugh as my logic returns.

It's just a bath.

I'm no god, just a boy.

And they're just bubbles.

But what do I know…