I Was Wrong

I was never wrong,

I was always right,

And that was that.

There was no good,

There was no god,

And there was no love.

I was strong willed.

I always took command.

I took my time

And thought things through.

And I was always right.

I always knew what was to come,

So why even bother going on?

Then I met her

And she proved me wrong.

I was too stubborn at first,

I didn't want to admit.

But she took command,

And broke my will.

I rushed head on.

I didn't think straight.

I wanted to go on.

I found love.

I was wrong.

If I was wrong about love

What else was I wrong about?

Is there good?

Is there a god?

I was frightened.

I wasn't used to it.

I was never wrong.

But now I was...