Drug Use In America

by writerforever

It has taken me a very long time to decide what I was to do with the rest of 'Superman: Behind the Lives of Teenage Boys'. I thought that perhaps I would write more short stories for the book but I finally came to a decision to write this piece to include in the book.

I am sure almost everyone knows someone who does drugs. We see it everywhere we go almost. You go to a friends house and you are shocked to find that he smokes marijuana, or you walk down the street and see teens smoking, or you go to a festival in your local town and see under-age teens doing drugs or smoking. The terrible thing is no one seems to be concerned about the drug use in our towns and neighborhoods.

In my hometown our local judge has been guilty of allowing 'found-guilty' drug dealers released without even being punished. He continues to release drug dealers who are destroying our young people. But yet nothing has happened, no one has spoken out, everyone remains silent. I see pain and death all around me and yet no one will speak out.

The majority of teens today are involved in drug and alcohol activities. I have spoken to many teens asking them 'Have you done drugs?' and 99.8% of the time they all answer 'Yes I have'. It saddens me to see teens my age destroying their future. What kind of life do we teens (the future of America) have to face if we do not put a stop to drugs once and for all?

It is amazing to me how all of the people in high places can put a stop to so many things but yet they can't put a stop to drugs. Perhaps I don't understand it all too well, but I do know this, while drug dealers are loading up on money and while we are all ignoring the suffering around us, the teens of America are slowly dying. What starts out as a simple thing, such as smoking a little pot, turns into something tragic and serious. Teens on drugs are prisoners bound in chains, unable to free themselves. Alone in their dark and cold world they fight to see a ray of hope. But they have been betrayed and are unable to escape the world in which they were pulled into.

In the mid-1990s Dublin, Ireland was nothing but a war zone between the drug lords. The wealthy drug dealers found frequent and desperate buyers in children and teenagers. Walking down in the alley ways of Dublin needles and other evidence of drug use could be seen. But nothing was being done about it. The drug 'lords' were getting wealthier and wealthier as the future of Dublin died away. That is until local journalist Veronica Guerin stepped in and began to investigate the situation. She exposed and pointed out many of the drug 'lords' and soon her very life was at risk. When Veronica was murdered in the year of 1996 it turned Ireland completely around. The laws of Ireland were revised and it led to the arrests of many big drug dealers. A difference was made because one woman wanted so desperately to help those in need.

If we, America, do not stand up and put a stop to drugs there will be no future. That is why we must do all we possibly can. I encourage everyone to get involved in anti-drug conferences and activities. It doesn't matter how old you are nor how young, you can make a difference. If we all join together and stand strong then we can put a stop to the things that are destroying America's future.