This is the true story of my great Grandfather and mother. I love their story, it's so romantic and classic. Even though it says Hopp family on the banner above, this is truly my mother's side of the family, which, well, isn't the Hopps. I hope you enjoy a little family history.


I remember that day, I was at my great-grandma's house. We called her Grandma GG (GG standing for Great-Grandmother), but her real name was Helen. Amidst the wrinkles and age, you could tell that she was once beautiful. She now had white hair, that had come from dark brown. Her skin was aged and spotted, but it had once been pale and clear.

"How did you and Grampy" ('Grampy' was my late great grandfather) "meet?" I asked. "I know that you worked as an usher for a theater,"

"Yes, and he had just come from South Dakota," she said in an aged voice, there was wisdom in that voice, "he was looking for work, it was around 1940, and I was 17.

"Your great grandfather, he was a very handsome man. Of course, at the time I was dating another boy named Keith, which was rather funny. Imagine that, I date a boy named Keith, split up with him, and then marry a different Keith!" she was smiling brightly, as she usually does.

"He just kept coming back," she continued.

"To the movie theater?" I asked. "Just to see you?"

"So it seemed," she sighed, "he always came alone, too. I never really noticed it until a certain day,"

"Did it just sort of come to you that he kept on visiting the theater?"

"Well, when I kept seating him, yes."

At the time, Davenport (the small town my grandma GG lived and lives in) had three movie theaters. It doesn't even have one, now. She was an usher, meaning, she sat people in the theaters. I could always picture her in that job, wearing black pants, possibly a red vest with a white blouse under it, and her curly brown hair framing her smiley face.

"That's so cute," I sighed and took a sip from my water.

"Yes, I never told Keith, my boyfriend at the time, that he kept coming back. Mainly because I never thought it of any importance. I just thought of Keith (your grandfather) as a man who liked to watch the movies," she paused and smiled, "alone."

"So he came here for work?"

"Yes, and it was good timing, too. The war in Europe had started and Washington was at an economic high. Your grandfather had no job back in South Dakota, so he came to Washington seeking one."

"What did he do?"

"He built air strips, you know, on war ships?" Of course I knew, but it was nice to let her talk. I just smiled and nodded. "Yes, he never fought in the war, which was mighty fine in my opinion, I might have not dated and married him if he had gone,"

"Well, of course by the time the war for America had started, didn't you already marry him and have Bob?" Bob was one of my great unclesr, my mother's mother's brother. I hope that made sense.

"Well, yes. So it wasn't he was a coward and did not want to fight, he had a family to look after. He had his wife and child to take care of." she sighed and looked at her hands.

A silence followed. Perhaps now wasn't the time to talk about it, only a year or two after my great grandfathers death, she could still be mourning over him, but I didn't want to never know the story of their romance, which seemed, well, romantic. It was a much more pure time than now a days, it had so much more to offer then, the romance then wasn't the romance now, not the sex. Finally, a story to hear without sex.

I know where it began, it began in Davenport. A small town, in Lincoln county, Washington. Like I said before, Davenport had three theaters, and was much more prosperous and big in the era of swing than it is now, in the 21st century. Of course, the economy boom because of World War II may have helped, but only a little. Notice how I wink as I say this.

Keith Ehlendfelt was a handsome man. In some women's eyes, he was gorgeous, but don't tell him that. He'd just refuse and say he was average. That was a lie, a very big lie, too. Keith wasn't the only one visiting the theaters because of a possible love interest. I wink once again as I say, or write, that sentence.

Helen was a beautiful woman. She was the perfect example of a 1940's woman. Her hair was short and curly, it was brown, because of course, brunette is the most common hair color amongst Americans. She had (and still has) beautiful blue brown eyes. She always wore a smile, a lot because he job required it, but mainly because of her personality. She was the kind of woman that smiled.

Keith moved to Davenport because he needed a job. He came from wonderful South Dakota (where I would be attending family reunions for years to come, but that's sixty years later), where he was born and raised. Coming to Davenport for a job is the most important move of his life he'll ever make, because that is where he met Helen.

Keith saw Helen at the movie theaters. She was an usher, and had seated Keith. He of course noticed how gorgeous she was, and after seeing that movie that one night, possibly with another girl, he came back at least once a week, always alone, just to see her.

And here is their story.