"I'm home, mama!" Helen said as she dropped her keys onto the table of her home and hung her coat on the nearby rack. She grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water.

"How was work, Helen?" her mother asked as she came in from the living room.

"Oh, it was fine. The same old thing as we always do, except, Keith was there!"

"Keith! What a sweetie! What did your boyfriend do for you today?"

"Must you always address him like that?" Helen said, grinning. "Well, anyway, he came in to an earlier showing of a movie, and he brought me some flowers." Helen pointed to the big bundle of roses next to her keys.

Her mother smiled and said: "Well, that boy. He is just a wonderful person, isn't he?"

"Yes, he really is." Helen said and then trailed off into deep thought about her boyfriend, the only boy she had ever dated, at least, seriously dated. He really was the perfect boy. Intelligent, nice, secure. He was amazing.

"And that Kate Major was there too." Helen said, remembering odd events of the day.

"Really, and was she with anyone?" her mother inquired.

"Well, yes, a man I haven't seen before. He must be that new man renting out a room in, oh, I forget their names, house."

"Oh yes, I heard about him, too. He came from South Dakota. His name is Keith, I believe."

"Really!" Helen said in surprise. "What a coincidence!"

The next hour was spent talking about both of their day's events, and it had become a sort of tradition at night, after she had come home, to do this. Helen loved talking with her mom, a privelage most daughters dont' get nowadays.

"Well, I'm off to bed. You've really got to see if you can get an earlier shift, Helen." her mother said yawning.

"Where's papa?" Helen asked, yawning herself. It was contagious.

"Oh, he's out with his friends. Remember, it's Wednesday." she said and then left for the upstairs.

Wednesday was Helen's father's night out. He really was a good dad and deserved a break from life every once in a while.

Helen went upstairs to her own room and changed into her pink striped pajamas and spent a long, dreamless sleep alone. With thoughts of Keith welcoming her in the morning. Little did she know, a different Keith was thinking of her that night, too.