Zach set out a couple bowls of chips and made sure there was enough pop there for the night – he grabbed a few beers just in case. He wasn't sure if Brian drank, but he'd been drinking pretty heavily lately. His latest girlfriend had dumped him a week before, snorting that she didn't want to be stuck with a has-been. Or, in Zach's case, a never-was.

He looked up at the clock – 6:55. Brian was never late. At least, he didn't use to be. Zach was nervous as hell about this. He missed Brian. Plain and simple. There were dozens of moments since they stopped talking that he'd forgotten and thought 'I have to tell Brian!', only to get mid-dial and remember what had happened. And it killed him every time. He had friends, but they were never as close as he and Brian were, and he missed that.

The doorbell rang, and Zach ran over. Just the pizzas. He paid for them and put them on the coffee table, starting to pace. 6:58. Two minutes. Two minutes would decide whether they still had a chance as friends or not. He didn't deserve to be Brian's friend, he knew that much. What he did was unforgivable. The doorbell rang again, and Zach jumped. 6:59.

He opened the door to see Brian standing there, looking a little nervous himself. "Bri! Hey, right on time."

Brian nodded with a weak smile. "Yeah.. "

"C.. come in! I grabbed a crapload of scary movies so we could stay up all night.. I don't know if you still get scared easily… "

"Not as much."

Zach stepped aside to let Brian in, and opened the hall closet to take his coat. "Here.." He hung the coat up and closed the door. "The pizza just got here. I.. I got ham and pineapple.. and meat lover's."

"Great." He sat down on the couch and looked at the movies, letting out a soft laugh. "Nightmare on Elm Street.. Friday the Thirteenth… IT… You grabbed the classics."

"Of course. The new ones just don't cut it." Zach sat next to him and opened a beer, offering one to Brian, who took one gratefully.

"Mum doesn't let me drink in the house. I'm so used to goin' out drinkin with the boys."

"So you made friends in England?"

"Yeah. Quite a few, actually." He took a sip.

"I'm really glad.." Zach smiled and had some pizza, putting on the first movie.

They didn't really talk for the first couple movies, but by the end of the third one and their fourth beer each, Brian was scooching a little closer to Zach, and Zach was letting him. During one scene, he whimpered and closed his eyes, and out of instinct, Zach put his arm around Brian's shoulder and leaned towards him. Brian looked over at him, confused, but figured it was the beer, and went with it, closing his eyes again and resting his head on Zach's shoulder, always waiting to be shoved off.

Quietly, Zach turned his head and breathed in the scent of Brian's hair. "You smell good." He murmured.

"Thanks.. you do too.." He could smell Zach's cologne faintly. Zach leaned forward and pressed 'pause' on the remote. "I'm not that scared, asshole. I can handle it."

Zach pushed Brian gently onto the couch and positioned himself so that he was practically on top of him. Brian's eyes flew wide, and he tried to sit up, but in the next second, Zach had kissed him, and any sign of a struggle was gone.

He tilted his chin to meet Zach's kiss with a soft mewl, feeling the other boy's fingers running up his chest. "You got so sexy.." Zach murmured against Brian's lips. Brian moaned quietly in response. This was what he wanted for so long.. since he was sixteen years old.. "I want you."

Was he dreaming?

After digging his fingernail into his thumb, he determined that he wasn't dreaming. "Me?"

"Do you want to fuck?"

It wasn't romantic, but they were both too drunk to care. Brian nodded vigorously and kissed him again. Zach started to pull away, but found himself lost in this kiss.. The same kiss that had tore them apart was searing them together this time around. "…I thought you were straight."

Zach sighed softly and sat up. "I thought I was.. but .. I've been thinking of you non-stop since you left. And.. when I saw you yesterday.. I .. I wanted to kiss you. My life just went to shit after you left, Bri.."

".. But you're playing football. I thought you'd be happy."

"..I fucked up my knee. Lost my scholarship. My girlfriend dumped me. My parents think I'm a failure. I want my best friend back."

Brian wet his lips. "I'm really sorry, Zach."

".. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No.. " He said hesitantly.

"Good." Zach took his shirt off, and Brian had to keep himself from salivating. Zach had such a great body…

"Are you sure you want to do this, Zach?"

Zach leaned down and took Brian's shirt off, leaning him back against the couch and undoing his pants. "I'm sure. Do you want to?"

"Since I was sixteen." He laughed weakly. "Shouldn't we do this in.. your room or something?" His eyes flicked to the television screen, which was still on pause. "..I'm not that comfortable with Freddy Kreuger seeing me naked."

Zach laughed and kissed him again. "Sure. We'll do it on my bed." He undid his own pants and stepped out of them, letting them land on the stairs. "C'mon." Brian stared after him and nodded, climbing off of the couch and following him.

It was drunken sex, and it wasn't very long, and nowhere as good as Brian's first time with Simon, but still, it was Brian finally getting what he'd wanted for years. And it was amazing.