Silver clouds have gathered

from my wrist to my heart.

I hear the beckon

the call

to continue

once more

down the tempest path.

I'd swallow those lightning pills

that make my body shake

or inhale that violent wind

which floated so mercilessly beyond my swollen eyes.

My hands are inflamed


and broken

yet I know no other way of doing things.

Of expecting life.


oh sweet rain,

fall forth

from my fingertips to my eyes

let me revel in your sweetness

the honey of everything beautiful and loathsome to be placed upon my tongue.

Let me unravel

beyond this kingdom of crumbling castles.

Let me whisper

with my hands stretched out

like to sky.

Let me say all that is forbidden

inside this tempest tonight.

Let me be filled with wisdom

to write these words down with pride.

Let me be wild

and sultry for this violent predator

who taps at my window glass

and whispers its forbidden song to my past its wild winds.

Let me go with you tempest

on the wind




I would surrender

all to you

and live

contentedly within your whimsical embrace.

Allow me tempest

to follow you

for tonight

as I am

I have no where else to go.