Crimson petals

Prologue: Bonding through the spilling of blood


A/N: Ok, so heres something new from me.  It's a little different, and just so you all know, this first chapter contains sex, and lots of blood.  It is a vampire fic, and this is how I see them.  Anyways just decided to throw this up here since I finished one story.  I wanted to see what you all think.  Anyways, happy reading.


"Isn't it beautiful?" The deep quiet voice asked.  "The way the crimson essence seems to dance in the light?"

"He's going to die," The other in the room voiced seeing his master turn to look at him, a sadistic smile on his face.

"No he's not, but he is going to be mine," The man muttered looking back over his work, there laying on his bed among the white silk sheets, his desire laid face down.  Blood seeped from the many wounds he had inflicted onto the fifteen-year-old boy.

"Sayyid, that boy is gonna die if you don't turn him," The other voiced looking back at the boy.  Even his short dark brown hair had taken on a reddish hue with the blood in it.

"Don't worry, Kaori just watch." Sayyid said slipping the white robe that has splash of red on it to the floor before climbing over the boy, who surprisingly for losing so much blood was not only coherent, but also surprisingly clear headed.

"Don't turn me, Sayyid, or I won't live to see the next moonrise," Came a strong voice as deep brown eyes turned to him.

"You are no good to me dead, my precious," Sayyid said leaning down to lick blood from the boy's shoulder.  Lust momentarily took over him, and he sank fangs into the boy's shoulder, lapping at the liquid that was seeping out.  His Precious cried out, but arched up into the touch.  "Will you be mine precious?"

"Of course," came the replied, "I have always been yours,"

"You will bond with me? Become my mate?" Sayyid asked slipping one arm under the boy's head.

"Yes," The boy answered leaning up to rub his blood covered back against the vampire above him. "Take me, make me yours."

"As you wish, my precious," Sayyid said shifting to pull the boy's hips up.  Smiling again he positioned himself against the boy's tight opening.  With one merciless push he encased himself into the boy's heat, hearing the scream that ripped from the boys throat.

Another smile found the vampires face, he hadn't prepared the boy from penetration, and as he thrust into the body he could smell the boys tears, feel the pain that ripped through the boys already torn and battered body.  Reaching up he pushed his Precious mouth against his arm.

"Drink, bite me love, and drink." Sayyid said feeling seconds later sharp teeth sink into his arm.  Leaning down he whispered the words that would bond them together, make his precious his forever.  He was close, leaning down he let his fangs sink back into he soft skin of the boy's neck to drink.

Sayyid felt the boy's orgasm explode through his body, knowing that nothing else compared to how Precious tightened around him, make his own orgasm explode through him.  He cried out, the first time in hundreds of years that sex had pulled a cry from him.

He laid there, letting his ear listen to the boy's heartbeat slowly return to normal.  He couldn't move, he hadn't had an orgasm like that in longer then he could remember if ever.  He let his eyes slide open as Kaori walked around the bed to look at him.

"Is he still alive?" Kaori asked looking at the boys open glazed eyes.

"Yes, his heart still beats," Sayyid, said pulling away to sit up.  He looked around, blood was everywhere, most of it the boy's, sometimes the bond was violent and incredibly bloody.  "Take him to be cleaned up,"

"Yes master," Kaori said reaching over to gently pick the child up. He walked into the bathroom that connected to his master's chambers gently laying the boy into the tub.  Starting water he was careful to keep it off the boys skin until it was warm.  Once warm he washed the boy's skin, glad the boy was unconscious.  He didn't think he could take anymore screaming.

Kaori shook his head; four hours his master had tortured this child. Four hours of screaming, and crying and blood.  And yet the boy had endured it with almost a smile.  At first he could smell the fear, but then it was like the boy had resolved his place, and was ok with it.

"Kaori sweetheart, your contemplating things again that you shouldn't be," Sayyid said from the doorway.  "I would have killed him if I wasn't completely certain he wanted this, you know that."

"I know, it's just," Kaori shrugged glancing back at his sire.  He was the last of sayyid's sired children, all the rest Sayyid had killed himself for some reason that was never given.

"Still so much passion in those eyes," Sayyid said entering the room, uncaring of his nakedness.  "My precious is clean, I have left night cloths on the bed, dress him and leave him."

"Yes master," Kaori said pulling the boy from the tub, and wrapped him in a towel.  Going back into the room, he was surprised that the blood had been cleaned up, and now blood red sheets covered the bed. Laying the boy down, he dried him quickly and then dressed him in the red silk pajama bottoms that Sayyid left.


He woke the next morning surrounded by red, pulling himself up he cringed at the pain in his back.  And as he twisted, the pain in his bottom.  Looking down he expected to find himself wrapped in bandages since there wasn't a spot that that sadistic bastard hadn't cut him open.  But was surprised to find his pale skin unmarred.

Getting up he tested his legs, although pain ripped up his spine he found he could walk.  Going to the wardrobe he opened the old wooden doors.  He was Sayyid's now, and he wouldn't see his parents again, or his friends or schoolmates.  Not that it mattered, its not like they cared.

Pulling out an outfit a smile found his face as he dressed.  He pulled on the harem pants, seeing how the belt rode low on his hips, pulling a long red sheer cloth he wondered at what it was fore.

"You look delicious my love," Sayyid said coming up behind the child.  He watched as Precious turned, a huge smile on the boys face.

"Thank you master," Precious replied letting his arms wrap around the vampires neck to pull him down for a kiss.  Sayyid returned the kiss, desire exploding in his veins again.  He pulled back.

"How do you feel, Precious?" He asked seeing the boy smile.

"Surprisingly good, how long was I out?" The boy asked turning back to his outfit to finish dressing.

"Only two days, which is surprisingly short after a bonding like that." Sayyid said seeing Precious glance over his shoulder at him again.

"Yes, it hurt quite a bit," Precious said looking up as Sayyid took the cloth from him, wrapping it around the boy's neck he turned him tying it in the back before slipping the metal bands on the end of the fabric around the boys wrist.

"I would say sorry, but I'm not.  In fact I found the whole thing exhilarating," Sayyid said walking over to open a large box, pulling out a gold and red headpiece.  Slipping it onto the boy's head he pulled back smiled.  "You are a vision of loveliness."

"Thank you master," Precious said.

"Come my Precious, its time to take your place beside me," Sayyid said taking the boys hand as he led him from the room.


Darkladyknight's ramblings: That wasn't to bad was it?  I mean, I really didn't want to go into the four hours of torture.  But for anyone who is interested, you'll get to see Sayyid's methods later on in the story if we continue it.  Sorry this was so short, but with just the prologue I wanted to kind of set the tone.  Well thanks for reading.

Darkladyknight's Preview: Next chapter we skip fifteen years, Sayyid has just returned after being gone a week to find his Precious isn't feeling well, but trying not to worry to much, he give the boy time to heal, and looks into what could be the cause of his Precious' weakness.