Chapter Six

Chapter Six


Precious walked into the mansion, his eyes scanning the area. It was awfully quiet, and glancing back at Jeffery he noticed the frown on the boy's face. It wasn't like the large place to be so quiet, and he had certainly expected Sayyid to right there when they got back. Pausing in the doorway he scanned the empty room, before he turned back to speak with Jeffery only to find the boy gone too.

Walking deeper into the darken room, he scanned the seat that Sayyid normally sat in when they were doing clan business. Feeling a sudden presence behind him, he brought his elbow back knowing that it was Sayyid behind him, and figured that if they were fighting it would buy him more time.

A yelp escaped him as he was picked up and tossed. Groaning as he hit the floor he pulled himself to his knees to shake the black dots out of his eyes. "Fuck."

"What the hell are you wearing?" Sayyid hissed scanning his soul as the boy stood.

Precious glared at his master, trying not to let his eyes scan the naked expanse of the man's body. He figured that Sayyid would have felt him the minute he was back. But he hadn't expected the Vampire to show up in nothing but his boxer shorts.

"A whole lot more then you." Precious taunted the vampire. But he saw his mistake as suddenly Sayyid was behind him, the shirt that he had been wearing was in shreds. Lashing out again, he felt his fist connect to skin, heard Sayyid's slight grunt. He was barely aware of the crowd that had started to gather.

Precious ducked, trying to stay away from his lover. He had always depended on his strength, or his speed. But then again he got those from Sayyid, so the man was stronger and faster then him. He was bleeding in several spots but then again, Sayyid was bleeding from a scratch across his cheek.

Standing fifteen feet from his lover, Precious watched Sayyid, seeing the man was grinning, his fangs glistened in the low light. Although he knew his fate, he tried to keep his life for a little while longer. Twisting when Sayyid attacked again, Precious found himself tightly held in his master's arms.

"Don't like the jeans, Precious." Sayyid hissed grabbing the waist band of the boy's jeans. Precious heard a ripping sound, and jerking back he yelped as part of his pants ripped.

"Stop it." Precious hissed groaning as he hit the ground. He looked up at Sayyid as the Vampire continued to shred the pants that he was wearing.

"I told you, several times, that I hate these things." Sayyid said, yanking at the jeans and completely stripping his soul of clothing.

Precious glared at the Vampire watching as the man smirked at him. Pulling himself up he turned to walk away only to feel a hand in his hair. He was pulled back against a muscular chest and felt Sayyid's warm breath against his neck. "You still belong to me, do not ever forget that!"

"Fine, then get on with it." Precious said, rising his head as he kept his gaze from the others in the room. He closed his eyes as he felt Sayyid's teeth scrap against the sensitive skin on his neck.

"Make it easy for you? You think you can just leave then waltz back in here?" Sayyid asked softly, letting his fangs scrap the boy's neck again.

Precious shifted bending low and managed to roll away from Sayyid seeing the Vampire was surprised. "I wanted to go, but you were busy. I asked you for the time, and you said I would have to wait. Well I don't have time to wait on these things."

"Things have been busy." Sayyid said, moving closer to the boy. He could see something in his lover's eyes, something he wasn't sure that he liked.

"I won't go down without a fight." Precious said, standing tall. He met Sayyid's eyes, feeling tears slip down his face as he watched his master.

"I'd be sorely disappointed if you did." Sayyid said seeing there was no way to convince the boy that he wasn't being replaced. Moving towards the boy, he was surprised at how fast Precious could move when the boy wanted to. Feeling pain in his arm he hissed slightly as he watched blood well from the cut.

Precious knew that it was the only hit he'd get in. he just tried to keep one step ahead of the vampire, but found himself kneeling on the pile of pillows that were always in front of Sayyid's chair. His hair was now unbound, and blood dripped from several wounds. He was also aroused, he hated the fact that each touch from Sayyid made him hard.

He felt Sayyid behind him, but kept his head down as he worked on getting his breathing back under control. He tried to pull away when strong arms encircled his waist. He could feel that Sayyid was now naked, and could feel the Vampire's hard erection against his ass. His eyes widened as he felt Sayyid's cock shove into him, keening low he clinched his hands.

Sayyid breathed in his souls scent, loving the feel of Precious' tight body around his cock. Reaching up he brushed the hair from the boy's face, seeing that Precious' eyes were closed. Leaning he licked the corner of the boy's mouth, waiting until Precious opened his eyes.

"This boy is my soul," Sayyid said loudly, to the crowd of human and Vampire's. "He is the only soul I will have, the only lover I will take."

"Sayyid…" Precious mewled softly, arching his back.

"There will be no breaking of the bond, and there will be no one replacing the boy I love." Sayyid hissed rocking his hips. Precious moaned, his mind trying to comprehend what his master was saying. The pain in his body nearly over ran the pleasure. It wasn't the first time Sayyid had taken him dry, but it had been a while since the vampire had done it.

Sayyid shifted reaching up to grab one of the boy's shoulders to hold Precious closer to him. Licking up the boy's backbone, he started a hard rhythm pulling lovely moans from his soul. Biting into the boy's shoulder, Sayyid let his eyes close as the sweetness flowed over his tongue.

Precious leaned his hands trying to find purchase against the pillows. To keep himself from, being pushed face first into the ground from Sayyid's hard thrusts. He let his mind go over what his master had said and found another huge weight lifted from his shoulders, although he was still a little confused. If Sayyid loved him enough not to replace him, then what was going to happen?

Deciding that at the moment he didn't care Precious shifted deciding to take a more active roll in what was happening to him. Moving slightly he saw Sayyid's surprise look just before his lips covered the Vampire's. Moaning as he tasted his blood on his lover's lips Precious reached up to grab onto the silky blond hair.

Pulling Sayyid down slightly Precious pulled his lips away moving until he could suck on his lover's neck. Once he pulled a moan out of Sayyid he bit down piercing the skin. As blood flooded his mouth, Precious closed his eyes groaning deep in his throat as he felt his body tighten. It had been too long since he and Sayyid had had sex, and he couldn't last, he knew that.

Sayyid let his arms tighten around the slender body in his arms. He was close, he pulled the boy up letting his hand drop down to stroke the boy's erection in time with his thrusts. Feeling warmth run down his hand as Precious tightened around him, Sayyid pushed in hard, a howl escaping him as he emptied himself into his lover's welcoming body.

Precious laid the weight on his back a welcoming pressure. He only paid half attention as someone came close, and hoped that Sayyid wouldn't hurt them, at least he hoped the vampire wouldn't move. He kept his eyes closed as he heard Kaori speak to Sayyid, and sighed happily when he realized that Sayyid wouldn't be moving yet.

It was a short time later when he felt someone shake him, and moving slightly he took the washcloth that Sayyid was holding out. Cleaning up he smiled as he finished and then slipped into a pair of soft silky pants. He felt close to how he had those days after the initial bonding, but the strength that flowed through him was a surprise. Everything seemed to be heightened, his mind bright and clear.

Sayyid watched his soul, a small sad smile on his face. Whatever was happening made Precious glow and look extremely healthy, only he knew something was wrong. He had this knot of dread in his stomach. He watched Precious as the boy stretched, he frowned when Precious raised his head and seemed to be sniffing the air.

"Precious?" Sayyid asked seeing chocolate brown eyes mixed with sliver look back at him. The smile that crossed his lover's face made him pause.

I smell something… foul." Precious said turning back to the crowd. Sayyid watched as Precious walked towards Teresa and Willard, but the boy walked by them only to stop at the last second. "You two wait, I'll deal with you both in a minute."

Turning back to the case at hand Precious moved towards his quarry. Finding the one he wanted he struck, the crowd moving as Precious threw him, and then jumped to land on the man's chest. Leaning slightly Precious met light blue eyes that stared at him surprised. "I'm going to ask you a few questions, and if you answer them to my liking I might not torture you."

"Get off me!" The Vampire hissed trying to throw the boy off.

"Precious?" Sayyid asked softly.

"This is the man who has been poisoning me." Precious said, shifting slightly as he grinned at his lover. When the Vampire he was sitting on tried to move Precious hissed and moved to stab a knife into the man's wrist. Reaching behind him he held out his hand, and Jeffery placed another knife into the boy's hand. "See I have lots of knifes."

"What the hell do you want?"

"Tell me why?" Precious asked, stabbing the other knife into the other wrist.

"Why what?" The man hissed.

"Why have you been poisoning me? What have I ever done to you?" Precious asked glancing up at Sayyid, nodding to the man he saw Sayyid hand a sword to Jeffery.

"Because you took something of mine!" The Vampire hissed, glaring up at the boy.

"I did no such thing." Precious replied.

"I was in line to be Sayyid's soul, and then you came along and the Vampire wouldn't look at anyone else." The Vampire hissed glancing up when the Sayyid came closer.

"You couldn't be Sayyid's soul, you're not human." Precious asked frowning slightly.

"I was, back then, but then Sayyid's Precious baby came along, and everyone else wasn't important any more," The Vampire hissed his eyes glaring at Precious. "I was taken by another, only I wasn't good enough to be a soul, I was only good enough to play with until they turned me."

"That isn't my fault, you could have come to me or Sayyid and we would have helped you." Precious said, pressing the tip of the sword into the floor beside the Vampire's head. "Why do I have to die?"

"Because I did." He replied. Precious watched the Vampire, he really didn't feel anything for him.

"Ten years is a long time to wait, and then to fail to see your work come to fruitation. And then to know that it was so close yet denied you." Precious said, as he shook his head. Pressing his weight against the sword he dragged it across the Vampire's neck severing the man's head. With in minutes the Vampire's corpse started to rot, and then slowly turn to dust. "Now, to the next order of business."

Walking back towards Teresa and Willard Precious grinned as he continued to drag the tip of the sword against the floor. He could see several others looked extremely nervous, and figured that they should. Many wanted to see him dead, and he would be soon. But a lot wanted to see the bond broken beforehand. Stopping in front of the sister and brother, he looked between them.

"This must be a surprise for you." Precious asked Teresa seeing the woman was fidgeting.

"You don't know the half of it," Teresa said, a grin on her face. "but Master isn't going to let you kill me, we all know you're still going to die."

"That's true, nothing short of turning me will save me, but I hear that would just make it worse. Maybe we should ask Sayyid what his plans are." Precious turned slightly to meet his lover's eyes.

"I have decided that Precious gets to decide on your punishment." Sayyid replied, his eyes on Precious. He could see that the silver had nearly taken over all the brown of the boy's eyes.

"That's not fair!" Willard hissed.

"Oh, like you should talk, it was you who poisoned the food." Precious said, seeing the man's eyes widen. When Willard went to move Precious nodded to the big Vampire standing behind the man. "Now back to Teresa."

Precious turned, moving to hand the sword to Jeffery where the other boy was standing behind him. He also noticed that Kaori was at Sayyid's side. Smiling he turned back to Teresa.

"I'm not going to kill you." He said.

"Oh?" Teresa asked surprised.

"Of course not, death is too good for you," Precious shrugged. "In fact, you wanted to be a soul so bad, I'm going to grant your wish."

"You are?" Teresa asked her eyes going to Sayyid to see the master Vampire had no expression on his face.

"Yes," Precious said grinning. "I'm going to give you to Bert, he's been asking about you for the last two years."

"I refuse." Teresa hissed glaring at Sayyid's soul.

"Oh you see you can't." Precious shook his head, nodding to Bert. He watched as the large over weight Vampire came close behind Teresa. "As crimes against me and mine, it's my right to do with you as please. First there is the fact that you tried to seduce my lover, and tried to have me killed. In fact I think it was your idea for your brother to poison the food, which set all these things into motion."

"You're wrong." Teresa yelled looking at Sayyid. "Master please."

"It's Precious' choice, and if this is it, then it will be followed." Sayyid shrugged.

"See my call." Precious grinned, nodding to Bert. He saw Teresa stiffen when the Vampire grabbed her, but she stayed where she was supposed to. If she didn't she'd be cast out of the coven, and would be left with nothing. He watched with indifferent eyes as Bert made short work of his pants, and whatever Teresa was wearing under her skirt.

He smiled as Teresa's eyes widened when the big Vampire pushed into her, and almost laughed at the way her face looked. She was not a very happy person. Sayyid stepped forward, his voice rising as he bonded the two together. Precious could see that Willard was trying to move away, but also saw that the Vampire behind him wouldn't let him.

Bert leaned down to bit into Teresa's neck as he raised his arm, but seeing that Teresa didn't move to bit the Vampire back. Stepping forward Precious grabbed the Vampire's arm and cut a gash into it. He then forced Teresa to drink, knowing the woman would like try to get out of the bond. Stepping back, he watched as the couple finished the bonding, seeing Teresa glaring at him.

"Now you will live very long, and hopefully in that time you will see the error of your ways." Precious said, grinning as he turned to Willard, only to stop. "And if you kill him or try anything, don't think that death will keep me from coming back for you."

"Of course." Teresa said nodding slightly.

"Now Willard, since I'm in such a good mood, and have decided to also spare your life," Precious grinned. "But since there isn't a Vampire here who'd want to be saddled with you for all eternity, I am casing you out of the Clan for the rest of your natural life, and the life after that."

"But…" Willard started shifting from one foot to the other.

"But what? You poisoned the food, Willard, a lot of none souls could have died. You could have killed Jeffery before the boy ever got a chance to become a soul." Precious said watching the man. He had very little use for people like Willard and Teresa. "I plan on cleaning out the rats before I die."

"I have nowhere to go." Willard replied softly.

"Well, maybe the Village will give you lodging. Take him out of the manor, and make sure it known he is no longer welcomed here." Precious said. He watched as two Vampire's escorted Willard out. Turning back to the crowd he looked over his and Sayyid's clan, a smile crossing his face.


Sayyid held his soul on his lap; the boy was reclined sideways, his head resting on Sayyid's shoulder while his legs hung over the arms of the chair. After Precious had finished with his housecleaning, the boy had lost his strength. The silver had retreated from the boy's eyes, and the glow was gone. Precious looked extremely tired.

"Is he asleep?" Kaori asked, his hand being clinched by Jeffery.

"I do not plan on spending my last remaining hours on this earth sleeping." Precious said his voice soft and weak. Turning his head, the boy looked at Kaori before turning to Jeffery. "Thank you, for being my friend, and helping me."

"Of course, you're not so bad when you get to know you." Jeffery said tears filling his eyes. Many had been here before them, realizing what they were losing, and nearly too late to make amends.

"And Kaori, thank you for everything you've ever done." Precious said smiling. It was a too long list to make, and he knew that Kaori knew everything he was thankful for.

"I'd like some time alone with Samir." Sayyid said softly, nodding the last two of his Clan out of the room. Once they were gone, he turned back to his Precious. Whatever strength he had pulled from Sayyid had been too much for the boy's body, and had burned up whatever months the boy might have had.

"Will it hurt?" Precious asked.

"Dying?" Sayyid asked seeing the boy shake his head no.

"The breaking of the bond? Will it hurt?" Precious asked seeing his lover smile.

"I don't know, and we're not going to find out. I will not break the bond, I'm going with you," Sayyid grinned, "or going to hell as it is. But I will not live here without you."

"But you can't, your punishment isn't up." Precious said reaching up, only to find that he didn't have the strength to lift his arm very far. Sayyid caught his soul's hand, placing it against his cheek as he closed his eyes.

"I love you, and I'll take my chances with what happens." Sayyid said, opening his eyes to look at his beloved face.

"Fine, but you are not going to hell," Precious said. "You are going with me."

"I can not." Sayyid reminded the boy.

"I am your soul, and our souls will stay together. You are going with me." Precious said with finality. Sayyid grinned as he nodded. There wasn't much else he could say, when Precious set his mind to something, mountains moved. They feel quiet for several long minutes.

"Precious?" Sayyid questioned when the boy tried to move.

"I want to be in the garden, it's time." Precious said seeing Sayyid nod. Getting up the Vampire hosted his lover into his arms as he made his way to the gardens.

"Do you want us to be alone or have the Clan with us?" Sayyid asked.

"The Clan." Precious said softly. Sayyid knew that Kaori would be close, and would have heard the boy. The minute they had stepped from the room, he knew Kaori would he waiting. Walking into the garden, he noted that dawn was just starting. Walking over Sayyid sat down below a tree, one of the only spots that show the eastern horizon.

"Sayyid?" Kaori said eyeing the horizon slightly.

"Take care of the Clan, Kaori, I leave it in your hands." Sayyid said seeing his friend nod. Kaori stepped back, moving to wrap his arms around his soul. He could feel Jeffery's small shuddering sobs. They watched as tiny light appeared at the horizon, and as the sky slowly faded to pink and orange.

The entire clan turned their attention back to the single pair in the middle of the garden. Sayyid was holding the boy tightly and Precious has a small smile on his face as he watched his last sunrise. His eyes tracking the ray of light as it spread across the ground. As it reached them, they started to glow, but no one, not human or Vampire knew if it was a trick of the light. But they all hoped that it was some miracle and they would be able to keep the pair.

"Kaori?" Jeffery whispered hope in his voice as the pair was completely enveloped in white light. But before Kaori could say anything, the sun broke the horizon, and the light surrounding the pair exploded into a billion falling stars. Kaori knew in that second, that his Sire was gone. "No…"

"I'm sorry." Kaori said turning the boy away from the garden where the last tiny pin lights were fading. Taking a deep breath he turned to the first thing he needed to do as the new head of the Clan. "Come on, we'll mourn tonight, we have to get a strong hand on this."

Jeffery nodded as he followed after his lover. He looked over his should at the garden, hoping again to see Sayyid and Precious there, only to find it quiet and sunny. Sighing again, he turned to catch up with Kaori knowing it was going to be a long day.


Jeffery walked through the garden, pausing when he heard the laughter. Glancing around he saw that he was alone and had to smile. In the years since Sayyid and Precious had gone, every once in a while he would hear laughter in the garden. Turning he walked over to the bleeding heart plant that had grown after the pair had died on the spot.

They all knew that Sayyid and Precious would be together for eternity. As Kaori said, they would find each other in every life they lived since the first one. Their love would drive them to find each other, the bond that Sayyid started and Precious strengthened wouldn't be denied.

Jeffery also knew that through the years they would run into the two souls again, while they might not look like they did, when he knew them, they would be the same. It was just a few years ago, that he had ran into a boy that had Precious' eyes. The boy had smiled at him knowingly, before turning to run into the arms of a blond man.

"Jeffy?" Kaori asked seeing the boy turn away from the bleeding heart plant. No matter what they did, that plant wouldn't die. While other things came and went in the garden, that plant and the tree which it rested below stayed.

"Sorry, I heard laughter again." Jeffery said.

"It's their souls rejoicing that they are together." Kaori said as his soul crossed to him. Drawing the boy into his arms he turned them back into the mansion. They were hosting one of the coven gatherings, and they still had a lot of things to do. Smiling at Kaori, Jeffery shook his head.

At least Precious got his happy ending.

The end.