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"So what're we gonna do later?" Tyler looked up from the earth science textbook he was studying.

"Well, we can hang out at the diner and then go back to your house for our traditional movie marathon...you know, like always?" Riley suggested as she painted silver stars on her already black nails.

"I thought your dad was taking us to some fancy schmancy (A/N- I don't really no how 2 spell that but u get it...rite?) new restaurant?" He asked, already knowing the reply. Riley's dad owned a very, very large entertainment company. They produced/ sponsored movies, owned not one but two television stations, they even had stores named after them that could be found in every mall in the world. The company was kinda like Disney, without the amusement parks...but give it a year or two and they'll be everywhere too. T.I.W. (Thompson Industries Worldwide) has become a household name since it was started fifteen years ago, and Mr. Thompson, being the founder was always away on business. Riley's mom had died when she was born so all she had was her best friend, Ty (Tyler).

"Uh, yeah, well, he had to fly out to London or something early this morning for some big conference. So now we can do whatever we want!" She forced a smile but Ty could see the disappointment in her ocean blue eyes.

"Yeah, we'll have fun." He sent her a reassuring smile.


"...Happy Birthday to youuuuuu," the waiters and waitresses in the diner sang as they placed a small ice cream cake in front of Riley. "Happy 14th Birthday Riley!!"

"Ty! You didn't have to do this!" she smiled at him.

"Well, you deserve it." Just then he reached into his pocket and drew forth a small black, velvet box.

Riley gasped as she opened it. She stared at the small sliver heart that dangled from the end of a delicate silver chain. It had 'Best Friends Forever' engraved on the front and a small rose on the back. "Wow," she breathed. "It's beautiful."

"You like it?" Tyler looked at her uncertainly.

"I love it." Riley reassured him. "Tyler?"




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