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--midnight kiss--

Holly rolled down the window to the passenger seat in the SUV and relaxed, letting the wind rush through her thick red hair. She had her headphones around her head, blaring what her parents called "angry music" into her brain. She hummed along to the music as her mom drove down the highway to their new house. She turned around to see what her 13-year-old brother was up to, because he hadn't made a noise for about an hour. He was engrossed in one of his many PlayStation 2 games.

**Pfft, no wonder he was so quiet.that boy has no life.**

Turning back to look out the front window, she glanced at the car clock, reading 6:38 p.m. She pulled her headphones down to hang around her neck.
"Hey, Mom? How much longer is it gonna be? I promised Julie I'd call her round 7. She wanted to tell me something and know what the house looks like." She asked her mom, peeling some of the black nail polish off of her thumbnail.
"Well, I don't think we'll be there till around 7:30 or so. I'm sure Julie can wait till then." She finished, bouncing in the car seat a bit to keep from falling asleep. She watched her mom glance through the rear-view mirror at a car that was following a bit too close.

**Damn moron, what does he think he's doing? Were only traveling around 75 MPH.**

"Mom, just switch lanes. That guy is way to close for comfort. I'm sure the car feels like he's invading his bubble." Holly said, turning in her seat a little bit to look at the guy driving his sporty car. Her mom turned around for a second to see if the road was clear, then switched lanes to her right.
The driver in the sport's car picked up speed and as he drove passed he gave them the finger. He was driving with another friend, and both looked to be around 18 or so. Holly gave the finger right back, but her mom grabbed her hand and scolded her for doing the same as the 'ignorant' boys.
Holly leaned back in the car seat and watched the small black car speed off at what looked like 90 MPH.

**Man, those two were kinda cute.especially the one in the passengers seat**

Holly put her headphones back on, humming along to the music and thinking about the guy in the car. After about 10 minutes she just barely heard her brothers voice over the music asking their mom to stop at a rest stop because he need to take a leak. The next rest stop just happened to be the next exit so he was in luck.
Her mom parked the car and put the keys in her purse, getting out of the car to use the bathroom. Holly and her brother jumped out of the car so their mom wouldn't yell at them for dawdling.
Holly was wearing a dark jean skirt that came to halfway between her knees and hips, and it got twisted when she tried to get comfortable in the car. She twisted back around so it fit right, hugging her figure and when she looked up she saw the small black car parked a few parking spots away. She leaned forward to see if anyone was in the car, but it was empty. She fixed her blue and black tank top and started walking to towards the rest stop.

**Hey, maybe I'll run into those two guys. I really wouldn't mind talking to them for a second**

She opened the door to the women's rest room and the smell of piss flew up her nose. She pinched her nostrils and walked into a stall to complete her business.
On her way back to the car, she caught sight of the two guys sliding into their car. She heard the driver start the engine, and saw him pull out of the parking spot. The car came rushing toward her, and just then her brother ran out of the bathroom down to the parking lot. He didn't seem to notice the black car, and they didn't seem to notice him.
"Drew! No! Stop running! The car!" She screamed to her brother who turned around while he was halfway across the parking lot, and pointed to the car. Drew turned at the last minute, and saw the car soar passed him at his right, missing him by two feet. The guys in the car slammed on the brakes right in front of Holly.
"Hey, you better put that kid on a leash or something. I don't want his blood and stuff on my new car!" The driver shouted, as he pushed down the gas pedal leaving black lines on the road from his tires. The guy in the passengers seat leaned out of the window then and shouted at her.
"Hey! Sorry! He's got an anger problem!" And he waved to her and sat back in his seat. She watched the smoke from their car disappear as their car disappeared back into the sea of cars on the highway.

**Oh man, if that guy killed my brother I would have ripped his balls off and made him eat 'em! But the other guy is still hot.**

Holly smiled to herself and checked left and right for cars, then crossed the street to her car. She yelled at her brother for not watching where he was going cause he could have been killed. He didn't seem to care much though. They waited for their mom to get back, and then drove off onto the highway.