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Part 11

Dinner went well. They sat at the table in the kitchen. Andrew had everything almost finished when they walked in the door. They immediately walked right, toward the kitchen. It was a small room, with a dark green and white linoleum floor. The round wooden maple table sat, with four matching chairs, in the center of the kitchen. The far wall of the kitchen housed the refrigerator, in white to the right of a door that led out to the side of the house. That wall also housed a lower counter that could be used for bar-like seating. The cabinets were maple, and lined two of three walls; each door had a gold handle that sat vertically in the lower corner of the door. The wall to the left of the door had a tiled countertop, with a flat glass topped stove, also in white. Just as you came in the open kitchen, to the left, on the wall with the stove, was a small pantry. The wall that looked outward had two small windows side by side, and white curtains that had little green birdhouses around the bottom hem decorated them. Also on that wall were two wall sconces, in opposite corners that would give the room a more romantic feel, if the large fan light on the ceiling was turned off. All the walls were painted a bright white, but had a tiled chair rail that ran along the top of the counter top, and level to that the rest of the way around the room.

Dinner consisted of a deliciously moist meatloaf, fresh picked and snapped green beans, and pan-fried potato slices. Sarah was accustomed to Andrew's cooking, but this superseded any meal he'd cooked before.

"That was so delicious." Sarah said.

"Its so good to eat a home cooked meal again." Kevin agreed.

"Remind me to thank you better later." Sarah teased.

Kevin coughed on his iced tea.

"Sorry Kev. I was only joking."

"Next time warn me." He said, patting his chest.

Andrew pushed his chair back and said, "All those who didn't cook get to clean up!"

"I, am going to go mow and water the lawn!" He said cheerily, trying to hide his frustration at Kevin.

"Ok Kev, you wash, I'll dry. Just like old times, huh?"


'Why did he break up with her if he so obviously still has feelings for her.' Andrew thought while mindlessly pushing the mower across the front lawn. 'I hope he's not going to get psycho and do the whole 'If I can't have her nobody can' thing. I hope I did the right thing by letting him stay. I didn't do it to make him jealous. Only to be helpful. He needed a place to stay; I had one. Sort of. I hope this goes well. If she decides to go back to him, I'll be hurt, and I don't know what I'll do. But I guess I'll get over it.'

The dishes were finished and Kevin had gone upstairs to take a shower and clean up a little. Sarah sat on the couch in the living room and waited for Andrew to return from his outside duties. She looked up from the book she was reading as she heard the door open. Andrew was covered in grass and sweat, and he looked like he'd run a marathon. Sarah got up off of the couch and walked toward him.

"My goodness. The grass fought back didn't it?" She smiled.

"Yeah, a little."

"I think Kev's done in the shower, so you should go up and take one too. I certainly won't get in bed tonight if you're still sweaty and smelly."

"Yes ma'am, right away." He laughed as he walked up the stairs.

By the time Andrew had showered, Kevin had unpacked, and Sarah had finished reading several chapters in her novel, it was nearly nine o'clock. The three met in the living room and talked a while before they went to bed.

"So Kevin, what do you do?" Andrew asked him curiously.

"Sarah didn't tell you?" Kevin asked in return.

"Um, no, actually she hasn't really told me a lot about you." Andrew said adding silently, 'Except for the part about you being a conceited asshole who broke her heart too many times.'

"Well, I'm currently making a movie in Hollywood right now. That's my only source of income at the moment. I'm hoping this will lead to bigger, better films."

"That's a very interesting line of work. You're acting I assume?" Andrew asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes. What do you do for a living Andrew?"

"Well, I sort of work all kinds of jobs. I work in the diplomacy office a couple blocks down the road as a liaison to the reservation that sits on the outskirts of the county. I also do a bit of landscaping and handiwork on my days off. I enjoy it and it pays the bills pretty well."

"How old are you exactly?" Kevin asked curiously.

"Twenty-six winters."

Kevin looked genuinely shocked, "I knew you liked older men Sarah, but…"

"That's cause they are more mature. And some of us still have some growing up to do." She said.

"Sarah, don't tease him. He's had a long day."

"Thanks Andrew, but I think I can stick up for myself with her. After all, I know how to get back at her." He said, winking.

"Are you originally from here Andrew?" Kevin asked, quickly changing the subject.

"Here. Well, the reservation anyway. My family has lived there since it was established hundreds of years ago."

"Wow, you've got strong roots here then."

"Yeah, how about you?"

"Well, my family is mainly Scandinavian, but some of my family is from German decent. Obviously we haven't lived here as long as your family, but we've been here since the late 1800's I'd guess. We've moved around the country too, I've moved to several different states over the years. Born in Colorado though."

"Hobbies?" Andrew asked.

"Oh, not many, acting, golfing, and flying. As of late I've had to give up my golfing and flying passions. No time. This is a much needed weekend for relaxation."

"Do not know how much relaxation you'll get while you're here. Sarah can run you pretty ragged. She just keeps you going and going."

"Know from experience do you?"


"There's so much she likes to do during the day, and she just never stops to take a rest." Andrew answered curtly. "There are some things we Shawnee don't appreciate, those kind of comments are one of them."

"Our cultures aren't the same Kevin. You don't know what your messing with so why don't you shut up and learn to respect it." Sarah said angrily, hurting for Andrew. She suspected he had to put up with this a lot with Caucasians. "And maybe learn a little too."

"Shawnee men are respectable. They don't take advantage of women. They work hard to provide for the rest of their people."

Kevin felt like an ass. "I'm sorry. I just…never mind. Its almost 11, maybe I should head to bed. I've had a long day." He said, getting up off the couch.

He walked over to where Sarah was sitting next to Andrew and kissed her cheek. "Goodnight Sarah."

"Good night Andrew." He said holding out his hand. "No hard feelings?"

"Night Kevin. No, no hard feelings, yet." Andrew said, shaking his hand.

"Thanks for giving me a place to stay man."

"Not a problem."

"We should retire too Sar. You've had a long day too."

"Yeah. Ok, lets go." She said, taking his hand as they walked up the stairs and took a left at the top of them.

Sarah put on her pajamas as Andrew climbed into bed.

"How'd it go at the site today hun?"

"Oh, it was alright. They'd actually found a few more artifacts whose tags had gotten ruined. They asked me to come back next year again. They want to pay me more too. Imagine that."

"Well that's good right?"

"Yeah. It means I get to come back next summer." She said smiling widely.

She took her hair out and brushed it before climbing in bed next to Andrew.

"Thank you for putting up with him today." Sarah said turning over to face him.

"I tried my best. He's only doing it because he still loves you Sarah." He said wrapping his strong arms around her.

"Well, I've got news for him. Its one way."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, hun, that I don't love him anymore. At least I think I don't. He's hurt me too badly."

"I hope I never hurt you. You're too special for that."

"Everyone gets hurt by the ones they love every now and again, but its ok."

Andrew noticed Sarah's eyes struggling to stay open. He kissed her gently on the forehead.

"I love you so much Sarah. You sleep tight."

"I…I love you too Andrew. And I'll certainly sleep well knowing I'm in your arms. Goodnight love."

"Goodnight my sweet Moon Lily, Sarah."