Little Butterfly




Flutter little butterfly, flutter

Break free of what contains you

Do nothing but meet your purpose

Glide over the treacherous waters

Of the great wide open—pool

The sweet picture of freedom

Right outside the screened, back porch

Where life's sweet nectar awaits.


A mighty gust of wind rages through

Fall into the currents of the blue…


Flail little butterfly, flail

Try to escape the gaping waters

Bright orange and brown wings

Trapped on the waters' surface

The silver splotches, symmetrical

Like aluminum sun shades of a windshield

Large, brown compound eyes and head

Slowly submerging.


A hand cups around you, little butterfly

Having heard your silent cry.


Let go little butterfly, let go

Went too deep in so little time

Water has taken the better

Twitching, losing strength, your legs limp

Your tongue twists, your wings weak

Droplets remain on your hairy body

Only your silvery patterns reflect

…What life you once had.


Even the perfectly innocent may have to go

But its beauty will always radiate and glow.