"Unequal On Athana"
The tears on your face,
Were a drowning symbolism,
For a relationship torn,
Inside shattered cataclysms.

There was nothing I could do,
Aside from taking you away,
That would make you want to,

All I could do,
Aside from crashing into you,
Was pour my heart out on paper,
And pray in hopes of beautiful tears.

Not of sadness,
But of pain,
For the revelation of a love lost,
And a love sustained.

Where's your heart at?
After all these years,
Where's your head at?
After all those tears.

I thought things would be different,
After shattered cataclysms,
But I was horribly mistaken,
A different side of drowning symbolism.

Where's your heart at?
What a horrible mess.