Bloody Tears
By: Cahadras Fearia


You promised you'd never do it,
That you'd never die.
But as I lay here and lie.
My tears pour out in my everlasting sorrow.

Your pain grieved me,
And yet it deceived me.
I cry for your friends,
Who are at their wits ends.

You betrayed them all,
You betrayed me as well.
And now we all wish that you would go to hell!

As I clench my eyes in pain,
And remember tonight's rain.
I remember the tears I spilt.
No matter what happens, no matter what you think,
Betrayal is the thing that will always break the link.

A/n: I wrote this poem about a month ago. When I was betrayed by a friend
that was very close to me. Although, I forgive her for what happened now.
The events that happened are still present in my mind. I decided to put
this poem up so if she ever read it. She'd know how I felt when she had
betrayed me. Although, this is also for her to know (If she reads this)
That I forgive her and understand why she did what she did. As stupid as it