-Feeling Alone-

Rated PG for some violence, and mild language.


I, a freshmen walk down the noisy halls of this new high school I'm going to start going to. It's a lot smaller than my old school. No one I know. I miss my old school and friends. I wish my father hadn't gotten transferred from his job to here. I wonder if anyone would like me? They should like me, because at my old school, I had about half the freshmen, sophomores, and even juniors hanging around me just talking about different stuff. I played a lot of sports, so I guess I was kind of a popular jock, but I didn't consider me as a jock. I just considered that I was just myself and had a lot of friends like some people.

Sports weren't always my main thing I was good at. I like to read and write little short poems. It's just a great hobby to get into. After school had ended, I had gone to basketball practice, and then went to the library to read some books. I had spent a lot of time in there. Sometimes I got home when it was about nine o'clock, my bedtime. Yeah, I know some people say it's stupid to go to bed that early, but I like to, because it's more restful. I could get up in the morning and be so rested up that I wasn't even tired. Sleep is good, not bad.

I didn't pick on others. Why should I? I knew I was a popular jock, but that didn't mean I could pick on others. Well, most jocks did pick on others, but I didn't, and never will pick on others. I wasn't like other jocks. Plus that's mean. If someone picked on me, I probably will feel sad and hurt. I wonder if someone would pick on me at this high school? I hope not. I hope I could play sports at this school without any puck or mean person getting in my way. I wonder if I would be classified as a jock, nerd, or just an average freshman with some friends, but not a lot? I hope just an average freshman with some friends. I do not care if I wasn't a jock at this school. I just want to fit in, and just play my favorite sport, basketball. All I have to do is just believe and maybe the others will be nice and be my friends.