The House of Eternal Bloodshed

Burgundy is dripping from the ceiling,

Attracting the shadows,

Shrouding the house in darkness.

In the deep blackness of the trees that linger behind,

There is a cemetery of ruins,

Deep in the ground reside bodies impaled upon stakes of granite,

That wear away to skinless bones.

The corpses still intact smell the bereavement smothered in burning blood...

Demons are near.

Immerse in the garnet,

As it slowly turns to wine,

Then drink deeply,

For you hunger and the claret is sweet.

Watch silently as the worthless humans mewl and crawl,

The aroma of painful hemorrhage is in almost smothering,

But enthralling.

Taking the homicide prey, you drink from them and let them burn,

Keep the beautiful girls,

Turning them,

Making them your own.

Suicides you kiss and crucify,

Letting the blood spew upon you,

Impale the sallow flesh ruins with a knife,

Shredding them,

Strips of tender skin to feast upon,

With life's wine flowing heavily.

You take the scalpel to your calves,

Deep cuts leading up to your lips,

You kiss the girls you left untouched,

Staining lifeless lips in red...

Then you turn them,

Consuming what blood that is left in them,

Then feeding them your own,

And they awaken.

More creatures of darkness to creep about the halls,

Kill all the other women.

No more.

Wait for the other cemetery's corpses to arise,

And you all eat them.

Tonight there is a banquet of mortal blood and flesh,

Tearing up the dead butterfly's wings,

So much contagious carnage.

And no one will discover this dark secret place,

Worthless humans have always thought it was haunted...

For the screams,

Not even noticing how agonized they were...

So they all left.

But they knew...

They knew that there was some hidden terror there,

So they left in their guilt,

Avoiding the possibility...

So stupid are they,

Always afraid...

Death is not a thing of such terror...

But torture is.

It won't ever end.

You smirk in your twisted way,

A way that would give a child the gift of nightmares,

Which they would attempt to forsake,

Never to be rid of thoughts and torment that they could never imagine...

Before they saw your eyes, your disgusting smile,

The stench of blood and massacre on your breath,

A malicious voice that would drive a man to insanity.

Every innocent thing is repelled by this place.

So the blood flows out beneath the crack in the door,

Flooding silently into the street,

Flowing into the gutter,

But there is no one to notice,

Only empty houses litter the echoing neighborhood,

Far away from the overshadowed house...

The shadows speak of an omen,

Resonating like screams that whisper through the house.

Look in the mirror and see nothing but blood.

And so the blood never stops...

Welcome to the house of eternal bloodshed.