Woman In A Large Trenchcoat

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on the Third day of August that one of my good friends,Helen Logan had something stolen from her--a tresured heirloom that her mother had given her on her Eightteenth birthday--and even though she had gone to the police and reported to them that she had been robbed,Helen has decided to take the law into her own hands and get the heirloom back herself.

And so,after she had left the police station and got into her car,Helen had zoomed on over to the house of an old CIA buddy of hers named Arnold Furlong and asked him to break out her old gear for her.

"Why do you want your old stuff back?",asked a confused Arnold,while he was going through some old boxes inside his hall closet,took one of them out and placed it on the coffee table in front of Helen."Did someone try to kill you or something?"

"Or something is right,Arnie.",answered Helen,while she was going through some of the stuff inside the box."Someone has stolen my mother's golden locket and going to make sure that whoever stole it pays for that!"

Meanwhile,at the local strip club known as the Passion Pit,a full house of adult males were calling for the club's hottest girls to walk onto the stage and doing some pole dancing for them,while in the backstage area,the girls were getting ready to go on that stage and put on one hell of a show.

But then,just as the girls were about to go out and wow the crowd of guys,they were suddenly shocked by a woman in a large trenchcoat,who had lifted up her head,gave all of the girls a cold hard stare and ordered each and every one of them to put their street clothes back on and leave,before someone gets hurt.

And then,after they've each realized that it was better to be safe than sorry,all of the girls had ran back into the locker room and started putting their street clothes back on--and while they were doing that,the Molly Hagan type beauty had taken a little peek at the guys in the crowd and spotted a familiar face among them.

It was the face of her old KGB opponent,Vladamir Stolorcoff--and he had with him Helen's golden locket,which meant only one thing:that Vladamir had stolen the locket in order to lure Helen to the strip club and relive some wonderous old times with her.

And so,after she had realized that it wouldn't be nice to refuse doing a one woman show for such an 'old friend',Helen had removed her trenchcoat to expose the G-string bikini that she was wearing underneath it,walked onto the stage and started performing her most erotic dance for the audiance,while her eyes had remained fixed on a devilishly-smiling Vladamir.

Just then,after she has compleated her entire performance,Helen had walked off the stage,put her trenchcoat back on,walked out of the backstage area and sat down next to Vladamir,who had placed his gentle hand on top of Helen's and said,"It's wonderful to see you again,Helen Logan.You look more beautiful than ever,no?"

"Let's just stop trying to con each other,Vladamir!",hissed an angry Helen,after she had pulled her hand away from Vladamir's."I know that you've stolen something from me!I want it back and right now or I'll make sure that you'll be no longer able to celebrate your next birthday!"

But instead of doing what Helen had demanded him to do,Vladamir had let out a hearty doze of laughter,looked at Helen and said,"I do believe that it's fair to warn you that I'm the new owner of this club,which means that you were to try anything against me,my personal security force would have you removed from this place and placed inside a jail cell,which sit well with your old CIA friend,Arnold Furlong."

Speaking of which,just as Vladamir was about to place his hand on Helen's chest and give her a very passionate kiss on the lips,a black SUV had smashed its way through the club's front door--and after the driver's side door of the SUV had swung open and its driver,an angry Arnold Furlong had leaped out of the vehicle,aimed his large assult at Vladamir and roared,"TOUCH HER AND I'LL TURN YOU INTO INSTANT HAMBURGER,YOU STINKING SLUG!!"

"Really?",asked Vladamir,who had looked at Arnold with a sinister sneer on his face."Well then,why is it that I'm really not afraid of you and your little pop-gun?"

"You're right,Vladamir!You shouldn't be afraid of him!",said Helen,after she had taken a Colt .45 pistol out of her trenchcoat pocket and aimed it right at Vladamir's face at point blank range."You should be afraid of me!"

"Actually,my darling Helen.You're also wrong.",said Vladamir,after he had snapped his fingers and instantly caused a startled Helen to remain frozen in place."You see,Helen.Before Arnold and your other CIA friends had rescued you from our headquarters in Moscow,we were able to place a condition within your subconscious that gives you no other choice,but to obey our every command."

"I...would...rather...shoot...myself...than...to...be...your...zombie...whore!",said Helen,while she was trying to fight the effects of the brainwashing.

"That won't be neccessary,Helen.For you see,you're still under my control.",said a devilishly-gleeful Vladamir,after he had taken Helen's gun away from her."Now,where were we,before we were so crudely interrupted?"

But then,after he had placed his hand on Helen's chest and was about to kiss her ever so passionately on the lips,an enraged Arnold had aimed his assult rifle at Vladamir and pulled the trigger,killing him instantly.

However,after he had looked at Helen to see if she was alright,a sudden look of shock had appeared on Arnold's face,for he had unknowingly shot Helen as well--and after he had ran over to Helen,lifted her head up and noticed that she still has a faint pulse,Arnold had looked at his wounded friend and said,"Come on,soldier!Stay with me!You'll be okay!"

"I'm...sorry,Sir.",said a weakened Helen,after she had slowly opened her eyes and looked at Arnold."But,I'm...afraid that...I won't...be able...to follow...that order."

And then,after she had said that,a former CIA agent named Helen Logan had died in the arms of her good friend,Arnold Furlong--who just happens to be me.

As for the dead corpse of Vladamir Stolorcoff,I've walked over to that blood-stained sack of doggie donuts,fired several more rounds into him and growled,"JUST WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU STAY IN HELL!"

And after that,I've lifted my friend's deceased body up into my arms and carried her out of there,only to have the local police stop me and demand my immediate surrender.

After they had discovered Vladamir's shot-up body inside the club and were able to get a statement or two from some of the people inside the club,the judge has a homicide in the first degree charge on me and sentenced me to life in prison without any possiblity for parole.

But really,I still don't care,because I was finally able to help Helen get the one thing that Vladamir and his fellow KGB goons had taken away from her--I've finally helped her recieve some peace.

May God watch over you in Heaven,Helen Logan.