The Fire
The fire is what I remember most
It engulfed are home in a crimson rush
Taking it all and leaving nothing but dust
The smoke filled the sky and burned are eyes
The tastes of soot lay on are tongues
And reeked havoc on are lungs
The heavens they did not weep for us
No pity was found
As the bodies of are loved once
Fell to the ground
The tears that fell from there once smiling faces
Burned more than the blood
That dripped from my hands
Our tears could not stop the flames
Our prayers all unheard
The strong smell of blood that no could deny
The hundreds of wishes it all was a lie
But all was real that night
That night that none could forget
My happiness died in the fire that day
Scars are souvenirs from the past
And mine tells a story that brings tears
So very fast
Never forget the story I told
Never forget the pain it holds
Your past is never far behind
And yours will never hurt as much as mine