What's Left to Say?
I can see it
The blood of the dead
Don't you hear it
The screams in my head
Cant you smell it
It leaves a burning hole
Cant you feel it
It breaks my lonely soul
It doesn't take long
For a heart to break
It doesn't take long
To see that your fake
This is not my body
I've never seen it before
Someone help me
I don't know who I am anymore
Darkness in every corner of my sight
I have lost my ability to see the light
I hate people yet so do many others
For we are all the same
For we are all merely
The pones in Gods sick little game
And I must say we are losing
In this game we play
Without are choosing
How simply we become manipulated
Suck into the darkness
And insensate
We take so much
And never give back
And I just say
Like a broken record
It goes on and on
The same stupid beat
To the same old song
And you wonder if it would continue on
If one day you forgot the song
And the record broke
And the player fell
And you ended up
In your own personal hell