Lying with you in my arms,
Sounds around us fade away,
Only the soft sound
Of each others breathing,
Reaching our ears.
Cradling your head,
Stroking your cheek with my fingers,
There's no where else I'd rather be.
Be it fate or circumstance,
My heart races with your touch,
I wish I'd done more.
Looking down at you,
Gazing up at me,
Dazed, maybe happy
Stroking my skin, eyes close,
Lips part.
I wish I'd done something more.
To love you
Show you how I feel.
To feel safe, comforted, loved
To feel happy again,
Knowing you are as well.
Do more then a long smile,
Cheeks tinged pink,
Fingertips slipping away.
I hold you close for seconds,
Seeming like hours,
Feeling you hold me back.
I guess I'll have to do more,
When we meet again,
If it wasnt just circumstance,
But fate that one night,
That found us close.