You'll Never Walk Alone

When we were young,
We were so alike,
We dressed the same,
And we liked the same things.

I can see now how I led the way,
How you followed me closely,
Clung to every word I said.

And then we grew apart,
Like we swore we never would,
And it was you plunging ahead,
Allowing me to hang back,
To be left behind,
To make the mistakes.

We disagreed for the first time in our lives,
We suddenly had separate existences,
No longer living for each other.

And then we didn't talk,
For months and months, I didn't see you.

Yet now I see we are still the same,
Although we took different routes,
We both wound up back on the same road,
Both of us lonely.

Then you found me again,
And I took your hand,
And this time, I promise,
That I'll never let you go.

You'll never walk alone.