Bring me back to life
Written Felicia Spencer

AN: It's me, your favorite femme fatale nutcase. Kidding. Anyway this is a
poem I found sitting in one of my notebooks that was finished. So I decided
to post it here, and see how you guys/gals like it. Of course it's another
angsty one, and it's a tad bit dark. Anyway ya know the drill R@R. Hugs,
slugs, and I don't know where that came from, but just review for
ya girl.

My soul is dead
My heart has stopped
My whole sense of purpose
Has somehow dropped

No longer breathing
Can't touch or feel
No way to discern
What's fake or real

A shallow grave
Is where I lie
Love is now meaningless
As I slowly cry

The pain's so intense
But yet I can't feel
I sense a void in me
A void all too real

I no longer have a purpose
I think as I grab the knife
Somebody please stop me
And bring me back to life

That was kinda dark, but eh what can ya do. The poem was basically about
feeling completly lost, so much so that you feel like your dead. Of course
sometimes the end results can be somewhat tragic. Hope you enjoyed my
sinister side. TTFN.