Dr. Grant's Formula
By:Andrew Troy Keller

On the Twentith day of April,Herbie Strandon
Had drove to Berea,Ohio to visit Dr. Brandon
Grant,a scientist who was Herbie's old
High-school classmate in the town of Bold
Eagle,Calfornia and half of the Strandon
And Grant singing duo during their teenage
Years.However,after he was able to manage
To arrive at Brandon's house,Herbie looked
Around and saw no sign of him nor Hook,
The dog that randon had arranged
To rescue from the animal shelter.

But then,as he's about to use his letter
Opener to unlock the door,it had opened and
Herbie saw something that was totally grand.

A Carmen Electra type beauty had placed her
Hand on the door frame and let out a smile,
Before telling Herbie that after four trial
Attempts,Dr. Brandon Grant has finally
Made a formula that takes the male humanity
And permanently transformed it into a female.