Don't Cry

I was born

A helpless one

Who had never known hatred

Although she would now

I grew into someone

Who had a family

And people to love

All the time and every way

But I could never

Have anticipated

How much I would hurt

When I realized I wasn't like you

I became an outcast

Cause of the things I did

And the things I said

That I didn't want to

I never understood

Why people hated me

Even though I was different

Different was apparently evil

My tears became common

Flowing down my cheek

In never ending way

Like a river without a soul

My behavior was an act of shame

Making my family so miserable

And my friends

The ones who carried it

Years past

Like they would never end

All the tears and the grief

That did not go away

I did not want to live

Just to be someone different

An outcast

Who would never find happiness

But then I realized

That even though I was hated

There was one person

Who never left me

I could not see him

Although he was there

Helping me

All along the way

He gave me strength

He gave me love

And made me realize

That the misery was a test

Of devotion

And of caring

The person who would care

About every living thing

Through him I met people

Who inspired me

All the time

All the way

I grew to love him

And trust in him

All the time

My prayers were finally answered

I dried my tears

And showed my strength

To those people

Who had always hated me

They did not matter

Because I knew I had someone

Who never

Leave me alone

I thank him faithfully

And I hope you will too

Because no matter what happens

God shall always be there