Faded Memories
Written by Felicia Spencer
AN: Here's another poem from yours truely. It's a poem that I think we all
can relate to. It's basically a poem about old memories. We all have them,
and therefore I'm about to bring those old memories to the front. Let me
shut up. I'm babbling. So R@R.

A yellow stained photo
Memories in my mind
Reminding me of the past
Of what I left behind

Should I remember the past
Or try to foget it all
Should I look to the future
And heed it's natural call

A tainted memorial
Of days long gone by
Memories that have faded
Sometimes makes me cry

I look to the future
To hopefully find myself
I have no one but me
And nobody else

Remember all the good times
But never forget the bad
It's what makes us stronger
Even if it makes us sad

A dream can always come true
If we just believe
Let's never forget the past
Of faded memories