Soul Secrets

With you, my skin vanished, so that my soul could touch you.

When I met you, invisible electricity pumped life into my veins.

A connection, an attachment awakened, an unbreakable bind of inner threads.

A love-laced obsession mounted, until it drove me insane.

It was like a mountain of once latent energy building up inside of me,

A love so intense that it's nails raked at my insides.

I was too small for my blood. It runs too quickly.

Thousands of you sit on the thoughts that endlessly buzz around my eyes.

Life unleashed in a torrent so fierce that I struggled for air and I loved it.

The pressure compressed me into writhing nerves and screaming bits.

But our paths were already marked and your world was of a different kind than mine.

Our souls knew each other, from the bone marrow out, but life's mold just didn't fit.

Yet I know that those currents of concentrated Everything were not for nothing.

This lifetime's impossibility, eternity will owe.

I WILL have you in another life.

The soul speaks volumes and my blood just knows.

This life comes

And this life goes.

I've had you before and I'll have you again.

I just know. I just know. I just know.