Rise from the ashes
My dark angel
Cometh from the pits of hell
My morbid pixie
Emerge from the darkness
My melancholic fairy
I give you a bargain
Protect me
I shall mend your broken spirit
With a kiss from a blossom
A drink from sweet nectar
And a sleep on a stream
Your torment will end
Harmony will return
Now give me your part of the deal
Protect me
Protect me from pleasure
For pleasure will only lead to suffering
The more I have, the more I want
Soon there will be nothing more to want
I would have had everything
And it will leave me with emptiness
Life is suffering
Life is so delicate and simple
Like the bones of a bird
So thin and frail
My forlorn princess
Do not fret
I will save you from this suffering
Live with only your mind for content
No items or objects to bring happiness
Only your imagination
Let your mind free
Roam the earth with your mind's eye
Join me and frolic in the field of rainbow flowers