Welcome to our sunburnt country

Where our backs are as red as the ground.

And the sound of our native kookaburra

Can be heard all around.

We're the land that idolises the crims, the troops and the footy,

Our country stops to remember WW2 and our boys

But Rugby's on a Saturday

So grab your Akubra, Singlet, thongs and don't forget your stubbies.

Come have a beer around the barbie

And we'll teach you some good ol' Aussie songs,

We'll tell you about our sheep stealing Matlida

And our tin helmet wearing Ned Kelly.

We love to pay out on the Kiwis, Poms and the Yanks

Everyone laughs at the way they act

And when faced with the HAKA we show no fear

But we all know when it comes to freedom; we got their backs.

We're the land of the long weekend

No long white cloud for us

You'll find us stopping for Australia and the Anzacs,

But we got time to help out our mates.

Though the phrases we've got may seem a bit crazy

We're proud to be known for our G'Day Mates,

She'll be rights and

A Dingo Stole my Baby.

And maybe our country is a dangerous place

With oversized dogs, lizards and fish

And we're either in flood or in drought

But we are also able to rely on our mates.

Mateship gets us through hardships

Then is down to the pub

We're we've got XXXX and VB on tap

Another round of Aussie beer this ones on me mate.