Bunky the Monkey

If you happen to notice, on the road all alone
Bunky the Monkey trying to get home
please stop and offer Bunky a ride
he's lost and confused, the poor little guy

He jumped out of my truck on moving day
I tried to catch him but he ran away
He answers to Morris, a sweet little cat
I miss him bunches and I need him back

Lost on Route ten, just outside of Keene
In order to get home he must cross a stream
and the Ashuelot river is too wide for him
for Bunky the Monkey cannot swim

He is black and white, he cries a lot
but if you give him some cream he will surely stop
To you he may seem just a another stray
but he is my buddy, and I want to keep it that way

He will come if you call him, by either of his names
I call him Morris of Orris, When we play games
and if you try that and he doesn't run away
whisper "Hey Bunky the Monkey"
and with you he'll stay

If you already have Bunky at your home
please call me up on the telephone
I'll come fetch him in my truck
And get him home this time, with a little luck

So please be nice, offer a ride
to Bunky the Monkey
the lost little guy