In My Head
Shut up, shut up. You will listen
You can't just push me away. Because I am here to stay
I will bring you down to the level you belong
You know I'm not wrong
I'm your number 1 hater. You'll realize that sooner or later
You're selfish and inconsiderate. You're stupid and illiterate
You think by beating your self up you'll be worthy of self-pity
Think again
Your not worth it, you're not worth dirt
You should get off the face of this earth
How dare you feel sad about your life?
Don't even think about using that knife
Damn you and your guilt, you should get the belt
You can try and deny it, go ahead try it
Even if you're dead I'll still be in your head
So it's pointless it's no use, you have no idea about real abuse
Boo hoo you have some unwanted stress, so does everyone else
Suck it up and deal with it Bitch!
What's the point? Why live? Why this, why that?
Shut up I am tired of your philosophical bullshit
You never thought you could be this hateful
Well you can't really; you'll only let me do it to you, ha, ha, ha
How miserable you must "think" you feel
And you alone must deal
If you tell someone else they'll think you're selfish and hate you forever
and ever hahaha
Drowning your self in worry and self-pity. All alone, all alone just you
and me
You may kill yourself. Then you'll be dead. But I'll still be in your
So I give you that safe feeling do I? A bittersweet alibi
Being depressed you can control. It's easier to make yourself sad but try
and make yourself happy, oh no that's too hard, Lazy!
You think what makes a good person great and well loved is a person who has
suffered great tragedy. You think if you can control this and make
yourself go through this "great tragedy" you'll have paid your dues and
you'll be happy for the rest of your life. You'll be a good person and
everyone will love you. Think again that's God's choice. It scares you
not knowing when it might strike you. No body knows when. You think your
special enough to be able to choose? Don't think so. Go ahead and cry you
little sissy. Soak up every bit of fear you can muster, so you can give
your self another hollow excuse. Everyone knows your weak. Even you,
though at times you try and deny it. You ungrateful bitch! Look at what
you have, just look. And you just want to through it all away because your
"tired" You are so lucky damn it, and what do you have to cry and be sad.
God, get over your self. You wish you could make it stop all of it.
All the confusion and unanswered questions, and ME. Well guess what?
If you kill your self, you'll be dead, hahaha. But I'll still be forever
in your head.