After Alreris was created he caused a great war by tempting the newly created mankind.
The war was great and, lasted many years.
And the mighty god of the Earth cried that the creations that were partly his fought without meaning among each other.
He cried much and that the rivers and streams were formed, and after half of mankind had died he cried so greatly that the oceans and seas came into existence.
The goddess of light Lindonion saw Elshish the god of the Earth and took pity on him and told him of the god Alreris creating the war among the human. Elshish was furious and found Alreris and bound him in the seas that were his tears at the very deepest part.
And when you see waves you are seeing the affect of the bound Alreris's screams, of fury.
But beware for if men's hatred is too strong Alreris can start wars among men again.
As there have been may wars in history, but none as titanic as the Great War.

Alreris is the god of war he is the offspring of when Reshile the goddess of plague and death seduced Alumetrias the god of darkness.
Humans were created by the gods and goddesses Elshish, Lindonian, and Kythos (the god of life).