The crocodile like beast leaned closer its tail was wrapped around my mid-section suspending me from the tree above the swamp grounds we were in. "Asrel kas, elnas hos tron noth."
What the? I thought this isn't the land of beautiful beaches. I must of messed up on the coordinates of my gate jump.
Jus a few more minutes until my wrist translator boots up and me and the big purse can communicate.
The crocodile beast was about nine feet tall not including tail and it had tough green scales with red patches.
I would just have you use my wits and unending charisma. I pulled down my sunglasses and smiled hoping it looked friendly in this creature's culture.
The crocodile opened it's mouth.
"Who are you? You on Galrog's land. You scrawny, Galrog eat. Mmmmmm."
Not too much in the brains department I guess. Oh well, this may be easier than thought.
"Okay big guy." I said in English, but the crocodile heard it as a bund of Asrel kas's and what not.
"You are obviously better than me, smarter, stronger, and better looking to boot. But please I beg you don't eat me."
If Galrog was a human his chest would have exploded from all the pride swelling in it, but the scales on him prevented any implosions.
"Why should Galrog not eat you, if Galrog better he should eat you."
"Because Galrog my friend, no my master I am scrawny, but if you let me go I can take you to lots of food that make you so full it hurts."
Galrog unwrapped his tale from around me and lowered me into the swamp.
"Show Galrog food of else he kill and eat."
I weaved through the swamp following the area map computer on the top part of my sunglasses lens the nearest gate. I had a plan.
Galrog followed me tentavly saliva dripping from his mouth off his chin.
I reached the gate. "Here we are Galrog."
Galrog was obviously confused, but followed me anyway.
I walked to the gate and punched in some coordinates for a rather unpleasant with lots of fiery craters and volcanoes.
The dimension plane gate opened up.
" The food is through this door Galrog my master."
He charged eagerly through the gate. The last thing I heard of him was his scream as he fell into a pit of fire.
"Nobody I call master lives to tell about it." I said.
Time for the land of beautiful beaches.
I punched in some new gate coordinates and jumped through.
I landed on hard ground.
"Oh, crap. Wrong coordinates."