Going Far Places
I like to go far places, but the thing is, I can't. My parents disallow me to go far places because they think its dangerous, well guess what? I personally think its fun, you get to see new places, expand your knowledge of the city and do new things. Why was the TTC invented if you can't use it?
The TTC is fun, why? Because it was made for a purpose; to go places. The TTC has maps and directions on the website TTC.CA. The TTC even has pamphlets that tell you what you could do during the summer. The pamphlets tell you what the place is, where it is, and how to get there.
Going far places is also good because it enlarges your knowledge. So next time (if you ever go again) you don't need to look at a map to get there. It is all memorized in your brain. Furthermore, you can do new things you've never done before like, going to a different subway station and explore the new area you are in. And see the different stores and other miscellaneous things.
The TTC was invented for a purpose, not just for adults but for children and students as well. The children need it for going to their friends' house. The students need it so they can go to school and do other different things and adults need it to get to work.
In conclusion, the TTC is the ultimate transit system. It is fun, and it allows you to travel places. Also, it lets you expand your knowledge by exploring your city or other additional neighboring cities. It was created for peoples' everyday use. Now tell me my friend, are you now convinced to take the TTC?