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GROWING UP is the second installment, to a trilogy. The first Installment is FOUR CORNERS and is found at this is recommended that you read the first installment, but it is not necessary. The first installment develops the characters, and gets you to acknowledge the relationships between them. Relationships bloom. For those readers who do not wish to read the first installment, we have devised a small character scale:

KENNITH SANDERS (a.k.a. KEN) - The bad boy on campus. Every girl falls for him. A true jock who is dating Sarah Burkeheart. Best friends with Jake Matthews. Serious Anger Management Issues.

JAKE MATTHEWS- The Quarterback for the school's Gladiators, He is dating Mary Ann Wallas. Currently is being eyed by Greta Hoole. He's Mr. Nice guy in the flesh.

MARY ANN WALLAS- The classic rich bitch. Mary, for short, is dating Jake Matthews and is best friends with Sarah Burkeheart. She is a cheerleader.

SARAH BURKEHEART- The goody goody two shoes, who somehow found herself dating the badest boy in school. Her parents are extremely religious people. It is understandable why she turned out so sweet. Best friends with Mary Ann Wallas, and a cheerleader.

OLGA CUNNINGHAM- Now everyone either HATES or LOVES Olga. She is a bit over weight, but happy with herself. She is unpopular and finds herself HOPELESSLY in Love with Ken Sanders. (Emphasis on the word HOPELSSLY).

Now to begin......

PROLOGUE: T'il Death Do Them Part

"MARRIED?!" Mary Ann Wallas cried. It was first period gym class with Mr. Petite. Unfortunately, they began their health unit and fortunately, they for once got to mix with the guys. Mary so did not feel like hearing Mr. Petite talk about a penis he did not have. The jock's always said there was meaning behind his name. "What do you mean married?" She repeated.

Mr. Petite cleared his throat, glaring at the disturbance in the form of a young girl. "Yes, MRS. Wallas." Purposely putting emphasis on the MRS part. "Now as I was parlè-ing before I was RUDELY interrupted." He paused as his class snickered, at the use of the word parlè-ing, which in plain old English meant speaking. Monsieur Petite always did like to pretend he was French, although he did not know how to speak a word of it. It pissed off all the REAL French teachers in the school. "I will be assigning a class project, where you will be married for UNE, one week." Again with the snickers, all but now accompanied with the whispers.

"But Mr. SMALL!" To which Mr. Petite almost choked on his French Cappuccino. "I mean, Mr. Petite." Scott Trost one of the most arrogant members of the football team called out. "Aren't we too young to be married?" Sadly Scott was being serious. He was known purely for his looks, which had ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to do with his brains.

"No, Mr. Trost. It is PURLY an assignment." Mr. Petite took it on stride. He was use to Scott Trost's stupidity. After all he was the one student who still thought he was French. "It is purely the idea of marriage. It will help you deal with family issues, and...." Mr. Petite paused at a loss for words, and threw out a French word as cover. "... MOURIR." Little did he know, that it meant 'to die'. "You get married, you get a budget, you get a baby, and more importantly you will all have to present your project by the end of next week."

Ken Sanders grinned enticing giggles from the girls around the class, eyeing one girl in particular. His girl, Sarah. "What I want to know, is when do we get to the honeymoon?"

Sarah rolled her eyes, what a typical Ken question.

"KEN WANTS TO FUCK, I mean, have UNE SEXE with SARAH!" An unrecognizable male voice from the back of the class called out getting on the nerves of both Ken (which is NOT a good idea) and Mr. Petite. The troublemakers usually sat at the back of the class, where it was dark and the perfect place to disguise mischief. Normally Ken would sit there, but he wanted to be closer to Sarah, so he sat in the front row right beside her. When Mr. Petite had noticed this, he almost had a heart attack right then and there.

"Ooh Ken and Sarah." Jake Matthews, Mary's boyfriend commented right before making sloppy kissy noises. He was the only one who was brave enough to EVER openly insult Ken.

Ken turned back and glared at Jake. "You little-"

But at that very moment he was interrupted by Mr. Petite, who had noticed his lack of class control ONCE AGAIN, took out his ruler, and began to smack it repeatedly against his desk, accidentally knocking over his copy of 'Mon Tres Petit Francais Dictionare.' "SILENCE!" He shouted. "I *smack* will *smack* not *smack* tolerate *smack* this *smack* in *smack* my *smack* classroom!" He was forever afraid that the principal would have to monitor his class again. The stories of strange disturbances that went on inside his room 204 caused mainly by Ken Sanders had the VP worried. And the vice Principal had a right to be worried, it's not like kids got to yell out 'fuck' in every classroom.

Mr. Petite's out burst did little more then cause his class an extreme case of laughter, especially when he broke his ruler. "Now," He said, trying to remain calm, but it was hard to do with Ken Sanders staring at him. Mr. Petite swore that boy was the devil himself. "I will call up one person at a time and you will be paired with your husband or wife. Do I make moiself clear?"

"What?" The devil himself shouted. "We don't get to pick our partners?"

"Ken," Sarah whispered noticing Mr. Petite beginning to twitch and sweat. "Maybe you should quiet down for now." Sarah was after all the only person Ken would shut up for.

Mr. Petite picked up a hat from across the room. "This," He instructed, "contains all of your names. I want you each to come up and pick ONE paper, which will hold the name of your partner." He looked around. "Any volunteers?"

Immediately Ken's hand shot up, and Mr. Petite almost cried when he saw it was the only one. "Anyone?" He asked again, almost begging now and trying to ignore the main topic **cough* Ken *cough* between him and his shrink. "Alright Ken," He sighed in defeat, "Come on up."

Ken grinned hoping that luck would be on his side and he'd pick Sarah's name out of the hat. Slowly he walked up to the black cap and pulled out a small piece of the ugly yellow paper. He could hardly read Mr. Petite's small, loopy, fake French hand writing but he knew he wasn't imagining the name on the slip. "SCOTT TROST!" He bellowed.

Then and there Scott Trost fell out of his seat with a 'thump' inciting another wave of chuckles from his classmates. Scott had previously had an encounter with Ken's fist when he 'accidentally' hit on Ken's girlfriend.

"How does gay coupling help us with MOURIR?" Jake Matthews, the Quarterback cracked addressing the fake French man.

Mr. Petite gulped as he realized his mistake. He had placed both males and females names in the same hat. Unless he wanted to support gay and lesbian couples he needed to come up with a better 'pairing' plan. "Forget that," he instructed loudly (to be heard over Ken's: "There's no way I'm marrying SCOTT TODDLER TROST!"), pulling the hat away from Ken. "I'll just pair you off by the attendance list."

Ken sneered as he sat back down, eyeing Scott distastefully from the corner of his eye as the sore-bottomed boy got back in his chair.

With that Monsieur Petite lifted up his 'La Attendance' list and began picking people off. "Sean Marriette (whom he beamed at with pride, Sean himself WAS French and that made him Mr. Petite's favourite student, never minding the fact that Sean almost never showed up for class) and Christina Mellnick." He paused. "Sarah Burkeheart and..." He purposely ignored Ken's crossed fingers and eyes that seemed to shoot daggers at him. "Rodney Bunsen."

"What!" Ken spoke up in outrage and Mr. Petite cringed. That boy scared him. "I wanted to be paired with Sarah."

Sarah herself was praying Ken got through to the idiotic little (fake) French man. Rodney Bunsen was as lame as his name. He was constantly picking his nose in class and he had the biggest crush on her. She noticed Rodney staring at her many times through out the day. His beady little eyes following her every move. Hello? Like she wanted to be married to her stalker? NO. WAY.

Rodney was almost salivating in delight. The only action of the female kind he had gotten lately was anime porn he had downloaded on his Kazaa.

Mr. Petite tried to look stern but Ken was far to intimidating. "Monsieur. Sanders I am sorry, but I can not change your partner. It would not be fair to the rest of the classè."

"I. Don't. Care." Ken stated, eyeing his prey. It was like an episode of animal planet, right before the anaconda leaped PETITE mouse.

Mr. Petite swallowed loudly and a thin bead of sweat ran down the back of his neck. He tried to think of his therapist's advice. Slowly he began his silent mantra. 'He's just a garçon...he's just a garçon...he's just a garçon...' Petite almost broke under Ken's predatory eye. 'He's just a garçon...Ah! Who is my therapist kidding! He is the DEVIL!' Sweating profusely now Mr. Petite gave in, "Alright, Monsieur Sanders." He tried to laugh it off until he noticed the Principal standing in the doorway and eyeing him critically. In favor of keeping his job the brave French man risked his life. "....Alright, but NO. Sarah stays with Mr. Bunsen."

Ken almost blew his lid and Mr. Petite shrunk behind his desk slightly in cover, but as moments passed Mr. Petite's heath was still in check and he raged on. "Now, how about Conner McDermott and Kaitlyn Laura." He surveyed his class. "Jake Matthews and Greta Hoole."

Mary let out a gasp as Ken laughed. Greta Hoole was the class slut and known for giving it up on the first date. Now Jake, her Jake, had to marry that....that thing! She looked over at Jake to see his reaction, but Jake was staring at Greta distastefully while she blew him a kiss. Greta had on so much make-up she could have passed off for a clown, her skirt was so low it could have been a belt in disguise.

"Jakey!" Greta breathed, smacking her blood red lips and fixing her cheap hair. "You're in for a good time." She ignored Petite's watchful eye and cries of "Silence! Silence!" and tried to look seductively at the quarterback. "I am quite possibly the best wife there is."

"SLUT!" A guy yelled followed closely by a bullshit cough.

Petite glared at the direction the voice came from. "Enough of zat! There are no sluts in moi classroom." As luck would have it Mr. Petite also paired Mary with Tom McKay, her ex boy friend. Tom was extremely hansom and she could see Jake glaring at him jealously.

"Lisa Becker and Omario Bloom," Mr. Petite continued sourly.

Lisa looked up from her pink notebook where she had been doodling hearts. "ORLANDO BLOOM!" She shrieked in joy, clapping gleefully. "I'm marrying ORLANDO BLOOM?!"

Ken chuckled. "No lamebrain. Not Orlando, Omario."

Across the room Omario smiled at her, his headgear dripping saliva down his chin. "Lisssa," He slurred. Lisa shuddered.

"Christine Ayad and Fady Assad," Petite announced, with a twirl of his moustache. Those two WERE dating. They were the perfect couple considering they were both geeks and U-G-L-Y. "Malanya Chubs and Henry Benson."

Gordon Hunter snorted; he was in the middle of turning a major assignment into a paper airplane. "Watch it Benson, she might eat you and its supposed to be the other way around." Malanya wasn't the skinniest girl around and was often seen eating some sort of snack food.

Malanya who was eating a banana (how ironic) choked and turned completely red, as did Henry.

Finally he got to Ken's name. "Monsieur Ken Sanders," Ken was the only one who got a 'monsieur', as though Mr. Petite felt he was addressing his elder. "And Olga Cunningham."

This time Ken almost fell out of his chair and Olga squealed in delight. Olga Cunningham was the most unpopular girl in school. To top it off, she had been crushing on him for years now, even going so far as to come on to him, when he had told her that he wasn't interested. Repeatedly. "OLGA! I'm not marrying OLGA Anyone but Olga!" He paused in horror. "I'll even marry Scott!"


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