Warning: This story is a rough, and I mean ROUGH, draft written a long long time ago. There're sooo many mistakes that I can't even count, along with plot lines that just ended nowhere. If you're picky about those things, then please take this warning to heart. Please don't send me messages or reviews concerning those details.

However, if you're simply looking for a rather sweet if naive love story then keep reading. I was rather naive myself when I wrote this story. If you can overlook the numerous mistakes then I applaud you. The ending is worth it.

I think I should do a little introduction before I tell you my story. I'm 15 this year and just starting up high school. I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the most part of my life. I have a stepbrother who is a third year student at the high school I am going to and is one of my best friends.

As far as my physical appearances go, people had called me "pretty," "attractive," or "elegant," but never beautiful. I had always wanted to be called that, but I think that maybe a 15-year-old girl being called "beautiful" is quite unimaginable.

I have inherited my mother's curly red hair, so I'm a red head, which is completely different from my foster family's blondes. Yes, I was adopted. My maternal mother died giving birth to me; I never knew whom my father was; Mother gave me to her best friends' family. The Dermonts took me in happily. Since I have no father, I am called Elva Dermont, but almost everyone I know is smart enough to figure out that I am not really related to the Dermonts, due to my whole head of redness.

I am rather petite, but I do have perfect curves. I am only about 5ft4 right now, a whole feet shorter than Jed, and he could fit one and a half of me inside of him. That is how skinny I am, but I usually call myself lean and not skinny because the whole skinny thing makes me sound unhealthy, which is completely untrue.

Ok, I'm done blabbering, get on with the story. Everything started at the beginning of my high school career.

Chapter One

"Get up, sleepy head. I'm taking you to school!" The day was like any other. Jed woke me up, and threatened to hit me if I ever dared to ignore him. "You're going to high school. Aren't you excited?" Jed had a handsome smile plastered over his face. One thing I liked Jed was that he was always so optimistic, and I loved that treat in anybody.

"Excited? Yes! But I still feel like sleeping!" I crept back into the warmth of my bed. August was quite cool in Utah, especially today.

"Get up! Don't be such a pain in the ass!" Jed might be optimistic, but he certainly had no patience as he dragged me out of the bed.

"Fine!" I said and jumped up, kicking him out of my room. I showered, put on some make-up, and got in the uniform. High school would be so much better if I'm not going to a prep school. Why did Mom have to leave me with her "richest" friends? But it wasn't so bad, since all of my friends were going to the same prep school because I had never been to a public school in my life.

The drive to the school was pleasant at the beginning. Jed seemed happy that I was joining him. For brother and sisters, we were really good to each other, and we hardly ever fought, even with my red hot temper.

"Whatever you do, don't ever get close to any of the senior guys, especially the guys in band."

"I didn't know that you're scared of something, especially something human!" I teased because Jed liked others to think that he was fearless.

"I'm not afraid of any of them. I can take on five of them and leave unscathed, but you're a different matter. They can get their hands on you easily and never pay any consequences. Some of them are rich like Hell." I sensed a hint of hatred in Jed's voice.

"You make them sound like rapists. I don't know.I thought of dating some of the seniors. Shelly's sister told me that all the freshman guys are nerds."

"Date anybody you want, as long as they're not seniors."

"So does that mean I can't date any of your friends next year?"

"What are you planning?"

"Nothing." I smiled and was glad that we were there already when I looked out of the window.

"Look, we're almost late, so hurry up and get to class. Remember, in band, stay away from the seniors and do what you're told." Jed said and left me for his own classes.

My homeroom was on the first floor. As I headed for my class, I realized high school was not what I expected it to be. Unlike everything I had seen on television, hardly any of the guys looked hot. Most of them looked nerdy in the dark pants, suit, and tie, and I thought Jed looked stupid in that uniform. He looked so much better.

However, the girls were a totally different matter. It looked like a beauty pageant show. It was hard to tell who was prettier or skinnier. I knew I would fit into the pageant show unanimously, but I didn't liked it one bit because I always liked being special.

Things only got worse in my 3rd period class, which was band. The class was in the 3rd floor, the seniors and juniors' floor. I knew most of Jed's classes were on the 3rd floor, since he'd told me on the way to school this morning just in case I needed any help.

When my best friend Shelly and I got to the 3rd floor, we were kind of shocked. It was totally different from the freshmen's floor. One look and we knew all the guys here would be sexy no matter what they wore. The girls wore the same sized skirts we did and looked a lot better than us while walking around the hallway. I knew I shouldn't be thinking about those things, but it was hard to keep my mind off of it. I finally knew what Shelly's sister meant by dating the older boys in school.

"Hey, what are you doing here? Get lost!" A girl stopped in her tracks when she saw us. Her voice made several other faces to turn, but they quickly moved on, dismissing us as the ignorant freshmen.

Shelly and I didn't move and just stood there like two lost puppies until Jed came over to us. It might have seemed like an eternity, but it was only a matter of seconds. Yet, before I could say "hi" to Jed, the other girl was all over him. I could finally see how popular my brother was. I shouldn't be surprised. Jed was very stunning looking after all. Not only that, he had the prettiest eyes and was very charming. Maybe that was why I had never managed to get angry at him.

"We'll see you in class." I smiled nervously after recovering from the shock and left with Shelly.

When we entered into the class, almost everyone stopped talking and looked. It was an unnerving sight because from the way I see it, the whole class was filled with juniors and seniors, maybe one or two sophomores. Shelly and I were the only freshmen around.

"I think you're in the wrong class." One of the percussionists, whom I would have thought as the best looking guy in the world in another occasion, shouted across the room. Some others beside him snickered.

"I don't think so, unless this is the beginner's band." I shouted back. I knew the response was kind of stupid, but it was the best I could do for that moment because my nerves were breaking under all those stares. I bet Shelly must have felt the same, or worse, because she was weaker to public attention than I was.

The guy stopped what he was doing and I knew I was in deep trouble, but I kept my cool and took another good look at him as he walked forward. He had a good body; I couldn't tell how good because of the uniform, but from the way most girls' eyes drooled over him, I bet he was way over good. I had no idea why I kept thinking about how good the guys looked, but it was probably my excitement since Mom and Dad (Jed's parents, I call them that too after growing up with them) didn't allow me to date unless I get to high school, so now I was all excited and hoping to find a good guy.

He was a blonde like many others. I didn't see many African Americans in the school, or even Hispanics. I think traditional whites dominated the place, even my whole head of red curls added a little variety to the school. I just hoped he wasn't a dumb blonde. What caught my completely attention were his light sandy eyes, such beautiful and deep eyes, but I was only 15, so who was I to judge? However, I couldn't take my eyes off of his. There was also a deep cruelty in his eyes, which I knew I wasn't ready to face.

"Girl, I don't know who you think you are, but if you want to mess with me, you picked the wrong person. If today isn't the first day, you wouldn't be standing here right now." He looked down at me harshly like speaking to a servant.

"Is that a threat?" I picked out my words carefully, desperately hoping that the bell would ring and the teacher would show up quickly. I knew that senior guys usually didn't beat up freshman girls, but I wasn't just any girl. They might just lose it with me. One time, even Jed had to hit the wall instead of hitting me because I got him so mad. Some of my friends told me I should stop provoking people, but when I was onto something, I didn't know when to stop.

"It's whatever you want it to be, but I wouldn't want to take it as a threat, since it might just become one." He shrugged.

"Is there a problem?" I was so relieved to hear Jed's voice. Having a brother was so great at times like this, especially an older brother.

The guy looked up and his voice became deadly. "Dermont." OK, what did Jed do? I learned from TV that guys usually didn't call each other by their last names unless they really hate the other person, then how come I've never heard anything about this guy from Jed in the past two years? I couldn't believe Jed was keeping secrets from me.

"Elva, he's causing you trouble?" Jed's expression softened when he talked to me.

"Yes." I didn't hesitate to answer.

"She's your new girlfriend?" The guy snickered. "I could just see the two of you."

"She's my sister, Lebrun!" I didn't think I'd seen Jed so angry before. The first thing I was going to do when I get home was to interrogate Jed about this Lebrun guy.

"Oh, sister!" Lebrun made it his business to announce this to the whole class. I didn't like his tone or the smirks on some of the guys' faces at all.

"You better leave her alone, Lebrun! Don't drag her into anything!"

"Oh, I wasn't. As long as she's being a good girl." Lebrun smirked again. The bell rang, so Jed, Shelly, and I went to our seats.

After about two minutes, Harrison High surprised me again. As the class started, the guy Lebrun stepped onto the podium and spoke. "My name is Kyle Lebrun," He began with the introduction. "For all of those who are new to this class," he shot a look at me before continuing, "You should know that the band teachers are never here on the first day of school. It is always the class president who checks on the new students, and this year, I have the honor of being the class president, so."

"Who chose you to be the class president?" I shouted out.

"The class from last year." Kyle answered.

"That's not fair. How come I don't get a say in it?"

"Well, you could, but it's you against the whole class, so I still win." Kyle gave me a cocky smile. I gave one back at him the best I could even though I didn't have a reason to.

" I was saying, for all of those who are new to this class, please get ready to play me a piece of music."

OK, that wouldn't be hard. Mother always forced me to remember a piece and play it like a pro, so it was easy. I bet Kyle came to me first because he was still mad at me and wanted to humiliate me, but I smiled to myself, knowing he'll be the one getting embarrassed. I still had that smile on when I took out a piece of music mixed with 32nd notes up to whole notes and with staccatos to slurs that goes as long as five measures.

I started playing after seeing everyone's eyes on me. I caught the smug smile in Jed's face before playing. He was thinking the same thing as I was. While I played, the whole room was absorbed in the music. They might be jerks, but they were certainly serious about this class. The fingers flew on the keys of my flute as might a pianist's on the piano. My eyes were closed, oblivious to everyone in the room or to the sheet of music. I could see the notes in my head even if I did close my eyes.

When I stopped playing, the room was quiet. Kyle didn't say anything and walked to the next person. I knew he couldn't, because my performance was perfect.

A girl sitting beside me smiled when nobody was looking and whispered, "You were great!"

"Thanks!" It was so nice to know not everyone was on Kyle's side.

The "tests" took about 30 minutes of the class. Kyle always had something to say about everyone who played. I bet he must feel bad when he couldn't say anything to me. I smiled again at the thought.

After everyone was done, Kyle got out two pieces of paper, gave one to me, and the other one to Shelly.

"As freshmen, you two will have to remember these lines like every other freshman in the band classes." Kyle told us with a smirk.

I skimmed through the paper and said, "This is bullshit."

"Excuse me?"

"I said this is bullshit! I am not saying these lines, at least not to any of you seniors!" I repeated. Here is a copy of what was on the paper:

As the class of 2008
We are merely fish bait
Who must never cry and just suck it up
We are losers no matter what
And therefore we must bow down to the class of 2005

"This is not bullshit! It's called tradition and discipline! Freshmen learn respect for their seniors through this! People like you need these things especially!" I thought that was totally stupid.

"I don't know why I should be respecting you when you don't respect me! Besides, it's a free country. I respect whoever I want to, and that person is definitely not you or any of the class of 2005! If I have to do this, I quit!"

"Do you think it would be that easy to just quit?"

"It can be as easy as I want it to be, Mr. Lebrun!" I packed my stuff and left. After school, I went to the counselor's and changed my schedule.

Unbelievable! That was my first day in high school. I have a very bad feeling that things with Kyle Lebrun wouldn't end so easily.

So how do u like it? Should I continue?