I've never felt more alone than I do,
Right now, in this huge crowd of people.
They crowd in, caging me,
Talking to others around me,
But not seeing me,
Or agknowledging my existence.
Maybe those few people were right.
Maybe punk girls can't be cute,
Maybe I am too short,
Maybe I do talk too much,
Maybe the music I listen to sucks,
Maybe I am ice on the inside,
Maybe I'll never really experience anything,
Maybe nobody truly likes me,
Maybe I'm not loud enough,
Maybe I can't love,
Maybe I don't like anything,
Maybe I'm to "cute",
Maybe my poetry sucks,
Maybe I can't be loved,
Maybe I'm not really good at anything,
Maybe I'm too depressing.
I really have no idea,
No clue what's really going on.
There's just gotta be something wrong.
Does everyone feel this ignored?
I just feel so dejected, alone, rejected.
All I wanted was for you to see me; am I here?
Yeah, I never leave.
I'm the one who tags along even though you ignore me.
"I'm the one 'cause I'm Still Here," waiting.