Pink: I'm the best color!

Orange: That was random.

Black: Yeah, really random.

Pink: Ok, so you guys think I'm the best color?

Orange: No! I'm totally the best color!

Yellow: No, I'am! I'm the color of the sun, so ha!

Orange: Well, I'm the color of cheetoes, beat that!

Red: Well, I'm the color of blood!

Black: I'm the best color 'cause goths love me!

Green: Shut the hell up Black, nobody cares. Grass is better so I'm better.

Pink: I'm still the best! Hey Black, you and I would look good together.

Black: Yeah we would.

(Pink and Black leave)

Brown: I'm the best 'cause I'm the color of shit!

Blue: Whatever, I'm the best. Everyone knows that.

Purple: Yeah, I vote for Blue.

Red: Yeah, me too.

Orange: Fine, be that way! I'll vote for Blue if you give me cheetoes.

Yellow: Ok, the sky is much bigger than me. I vote for Blue.

Brown: What the hell, I vote for Blue.

Blue: How did we even start this conversation?

Yellow: I dunno.

Blue: Let's go get cheetoes and run around in circles!

Brown: Sounds good!

(They all die)

A/N: Wow, that was really stupid and random. Haha, I'm the author so I get to decide what happens! So ha! I made them die! Awwww, poor them. Oh well. Please review and tell me what you think. thanx! *mEgAn*