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I've been asking for you for a while now...

It was a quiet day during mid-summer. The sun was beating down ferociously and there were no clouds to cover it up. A small-framed, fifteen-year-old boy sat underneath a tree on a small, wooden picnic table. It stood close to a small lake that was serenely away from any houses or disturbances. He had been sitting there since early morning and it was now mid-noon. He just sat there, thinking of things. Many things plagued his mind, but they really became a part of him when he just sat there and thought about them. He was usually a shy boy. These little thinking periods seemed to suit him quite well. It gave him something to do. Especially since he was far from home.

He took a deep sigh as he put his arms on his lap. He was only about 5'6" and small. His skin had a little tan, but nothing what he would usually have in the summer time. His dark, brown eyes just gazed over the small lake and all its calmness. He wore a plain white T-shirt and blue jean shorts. They weren't something he'd usually wear, but he didn't feel like really trying to dress today. He sighed once again as he ran one of his hands through his luscious, blood-red hair. He didn't know how much longer he'd spend here, but he knew he couldn't just sit here forever. He would have to leave eventually or his relatives would get worried.

"Um...hello." A deep, but very timid voice called from behind the boy. He turned himself around, instantly brought out of his own world.

There stood a boy a few inches taller than him. He had a dark tan and neatly cut brown hair. His eyes were a frosty blue and his nervously smiled with a perfect set of teeth. He wore a gray shirt that was probably made by his football team. He also wore dark blue jeans.

"Uh...hi." The boy looked at the most likely older one.

" name is Drew." He replied, stepping a little closer in, but still far away.

"Oh...nice to meet you, Drew." Though he didn't know how nice it was to meet him, but he said it anyways.

"And your name?" It almost seemed as if he was struggling to make it this far in the conversation.

" name. Well, just call me Red." He gave a fake smile.

"Red? Is that your real name?" Drew asked him, he began to lighten up a little bit from his very timid self.

" But that's what people call me." Red kind of giggled.

"What's your real name?" Drew seemed much more confident now.

"Oh...well...that's for another day I guess." Red gave him a creepy smile. One that just shows that your hiding something.

"Okay..." And then there was silence. A silence that seemed to last for an eternity. Red really had no intention of progressing this conversation, but Drew slowly rocked back and forth with his hands in his pockets with his head at the ground. He was desperately trying to think of something to say.

"So what're you doing here?" Red gave him a break.

"Me? I'm just...well this is usually where I come to..." Drew stopped figuring Red could piece the rest of the sentence together. Red smiled at him. He had taken Drew's sport for solitary.

"Sorry about that. I'm not from around here." Red scooted over on the bench to allow Drew a place to sit, but he acted as if he didn't notice it.

"Where are you from?" Drew looked towards the branches in the tree now. He was really afraid of making eye contact. But Red could tell with those eyes, if he did, it'd be dangerous.

"A little down south of the state." Red told him.

"" Drew asked him more specifically.

"Yes...central." Red shook his head.

"I it must've taken you a while to get here." Drew stopped rocking, but kept his eyes at the tree branches.

"Yeah...I'm visiting my aunt and uncle for a while." Red just stared at him curiously. This boy was very interesting. He was good looking, a jock, and seemed very nice, but he was shy? Red had never met a shy jock in his life, but Drew seemed to be a prime example of one.

"Oh...that's good." Red saw the expression in Drew's face as he had finally ran out of topics to talk about.

Red just sat there, examining this boy. A very curious specimen, but curiosity was good to him.

"Well...I better get going." Drew shot a quick gaze at Red. It had shot straight through his heart as he felt those cold, piercing, blue eyes shoot straight through his defenses and melt him. They were deadly.

"...Okay." Red said in a meek voice, still stunned by those eyes.

Drew removed his hands from his pockets. Red got up from the bench, thinking that he was going to shake his hand or something, but he didn't. He just turned around and began to walk up the grassy hill towards civilization.

Red felt like the embarrassed one now. Drew's uncomfortable feeling had shifted onto him. He watched until Drew was out of sight. He then grabbed his hair and groaned loudly before he took his place back on the bench. Drew...was definitely different and it was one more thing added to Red's list of thoughts.