Magic is Magic
Magic is the wind.
You can't see it, but you can feel it.
It is all around you, always.
Swirling, rising, falling,
Sometimes it is stronger than others,
And sometimes it is weaker than others.
Magic is a flower.
It starts from something much bigger.
It can be held within your hands at times.
It grows with warmth, love, and caring over time.
It is open at times,
And closed others.
Magic is the weather.
Always changing,
And sometimes going against your plans.
It is different for different parts of the world.
Cannot be controlled.
It comes and goes as it pleases.
Magic is the water.
A small action will cause a ripple effect.
You can see right through it.
It can become clouded though.
It is always flowing, changing,
And never staying the same.
Magic is Magic