"Have I told you how great you look today?" Adam asked as soon as he and Dana were back at the top of the light house, although this time, they were looking down at the beach where Millie Denver's party was still going on.

The two of them caused quite a scene earlier when they arrived holding hands, making everyone instantly know they were there as a couple and not just friends.

Some people, like Mandy, were disappointed to see them together, but had to agree that they looked pretty good together. Others were happy to find out that Dana Summers finally had a boyfriend. But whatever their opinions were, undoubtedly, everyone was surprised. Even Dana.

"About a couple of times," she said. "Twice in front of a crowd even. But it's still good to hear."

"Well, it's still good to say," he said, smiling.

She laughed. I still can't believe everyone noticed us though, I mean you'd think they have other things to gossip about. Mark and Penny's relationship's new too, you know."

"Yeah, but Mark isn't the 'heavenly-eyed hottie from Minnesota'," Adam said airily.

Dana chuckled. "Yeah, save it for your—" girlfriends, she was about to say, but then remembered she was his girlfriend. She laughed, thinking about how great it all worked out.

Adam was her boyfriend. But their relationship wasn't complicated at all, like she'd originally thought all relationships were. They had the same friends, and they could still do the same stuff they used to when they were just friends like play basketball and watch action movies. They could also do new stuff together like paint and draw cartoons. And the best part was, they didn't miss out on the kissing and hand-holding and watching sunsets either. It was perfect.

"And," Adam continued. "Penny isn't the smartest, most beautiful girl in the universe," he said as he leaned closer towards her.

"Or at least not in this kingdom," she said, tilting her face to meet his.

"Right, about that," he said. "I meant to ask you, am I still just the janitor of this grand tower?" he asked. "Or can I be your Prince?"

"Well…" Dana thought for a moment, and then grinned. "I don't really need a prince, but you can be this kingdom's strongest ally."

"Your strongest ally," Adam repeated, and then smiled. "I think I like the sound of that," he said as he leaned down and kissed her, just as the sun disappeared on the horizon.

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