Unforeseen Consequences

When you're tired of everything real,
When you know the blood you bleed,
And when you know the pain you feel,
Then it's time to take a turn and lead.

You think you know how all will end,
You think your soul is too hollow,
But what ails you will eventually mend,
For, every ending has a beginning to follow.

If you can't stop the pain from coming,
What shall you do? Dive into pain now?
Ignore it by drinking and running?
Try opening your eyes to here and now.

Life is not a box to live within,
You're not a bum on the streets,
So burn away the cardboard with din,
Reveal to yourself the lights and heats.

Let the fire burn deep into your soul,
You don't need oxygen there anyway,
Don't let the pain damper your goal,
Don't let it creep up and ruin your day.

Let yourself be washed off in the rain,
The day is yours to live how you want,
You have to make a stand against pain,
Because everyone has it; it's everyone's haunt.

I've walked that road, I must confess,
I don't know how far, perhaps the whole mile,
But even if it all ends in pain regardless,
Why not make the battle worthwhile?

Now I'm back to where I belong again,
Fighting forever with Hopes that are keen,
To fend off thoughts that condemn,
Consequences that are unforeseen.