Unforeseen Consequences (Continued…)

You're always so sure of your faults,
But you never think that you can change,
And use your memories as vaults,
To store and lock up your strange.

Do your monsters snarl and hiss?
Do they tell you to have Hope too?
"When you gaze long into the abyss,
The abyss also gazes into you."

I don't consider myself a monster,
Any more than a mirror of Truth,
Is like a mirror that's made by her:
Your femme fatale on the loose.

The demons she controls will stay,
Shattered like the glass you see,
So later on it'll be possible to slay,
Everything you're destined to be.

The blood you sacrifice can't be sold,
Unless you indeed heal and forget,
The destruction will reap two-fold.
Then a femme fatale will be your debt.

Your destiny isn't up to Fate to mold,
You have a future if you take the reins,
Your road is extensive just as I've told,
You can decide upon many diverse lanes.

Your potential is anything but nil,
You can change your mind anywhere,
For even half-way to Hell you can still,
End up floating peacefully up in the air.

Now I'm back to where I belong again,
Fighting forever with Light that is keen,
To fend off thoughts that condemn,
Consequences that are unforeseen.