Soulful Rain:
An Acrostic for a Dear Friend
Skimming over the surface of the water you will never stop believing in the
good that you
Open up in everyone. You are funny and bring out the best in everybody. I
have found a
Uniqueness in me when I am around you that I can never express at any other
Liveliness is the word that most describes you. And if you're not lively
you are way too
Full of energy! You are a brilliant writer and an awesome friend! Your
imagination is
Unfathomable, as is your kindness. The passion you show for animals tells
the world that
Love isn't just between humans, but also with animals. With your big grin,
you help us
Remember the beauty of nature and the bliss of a snowy day. With your
drawings you
Amaze the most sour of us at exactly the right time. Thinking of our times
together it
Is hard to imagine this next year with out you. In all my years knowing you
I know that
Never again will I be as lucky as I was when you became my friend. All I
want to say now is: Thank You.