In the most hated of scenes,
Like a kiss from a dark memory,
One leaves behind a forgotten other.
Replayed time and time again,
The abandoned starts to wonder when
Anyone will find and discover
In a vacancy, a misfit, cut off from the world,
A pure and everlasting love waiting to unfurl.

The years go by,
The hope it dims,
Tainted by the words
Of the blinded, ignorant masses,
Sheep following the herd.

So in the shadows hides a soul
That had something to give,
But the scorn from the controlling ones
Wouldn't let it live.

If only someone would reach out
Oh! The love that could be shared!
If only someone looked beneath,
If only someone cared.

It may be too late for this one,
But there surely will be more
Quiet, gentle, loving souls,
Constantly ignored.

So let this be a lesson
To all you who despise:
The one that you reject and fear
May be an angel in disguise.