Back Door Boy

I see you

back door boy

splintering your wasted wrongs against the shoulder of that beautiful woman.

I saw you

back door boy

whispering your merry take on the subject

as she told you all about it.

That back door boy


and went

only at night

but the shadows could not hide him that well.

The lamplight,

the torch

burning for her

was clearly visible

like the cross that we all bare.

The back door boy

did not know me

we never had time for introductions.

Acid was spilling down my eyes

keeping my blind

but self aware to my circumstances.

I was to busy

looking for Romeo

who was


boozed up around the corner.

Back door boy

I see you creep

and then sweep away any trace of you from her doorstep.

The wheeled enigma.

Back door boy

I see you

with her

and you

like the others

will live without her.